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Make a big SPLASH with Custom Inflatable Ocean Animals 6

Make a big SPLASH with Custom Inflatable Ocean Animals

We are making waves here at Inflatable Design Group with giant custom ocean animals and celebrating SHARK WEEK.  Shark week has been highlighted for many years to show off and educate people on this great predator of the sea.  We are excited to highlight some awesome inflatable ocean animals and inflatable sharks.  Inflatable animals big and small have been created to excite, educate, and understand what these creatures are all about!

Inflatable Basking Shark

Inflatable Basking Shark

Our inflatable Basking shark is a great larger than life inflatable. The real BASKING SHARK is the second largest fish in the world after the whale shark! It is incredible that the basking shark is not aggressive and is not harmless to humans.  Inflatable ocean animals such as this inflatable basking shark is used to educate kids about the wonders of the ocean. Custom inflatables are lightweight and easy to transport to various locations. 

Inflatable Great White Shark

Inflatable Giant White Shark on a Building

YIKES! The great white shark is the largest of all predatory sharks in the ocean today.  Adult sharks grow to a maximum size of approximately 20 feet in length.  We made a GIANT splash with our GREAT WHITE SHARK at the Discovery Channel as this shark head alone was 50 feet in length!  Take a swim straight through the building.  Giant custom inflatables are our specialty in crafting and designing each unit with detail and precision. 

Inflatable White Shark

Inflatable Megalodon

Inflatable Ocean Wild Megalodon Jaws

Megalodon means “BIG TOOTH”, an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago.  Check out this giant inflatable MEG MOUTH… and all the teeth!  Custom inflatables is a great way to advertise, promote education and awareness for all the creatures in the sea. 

If you are getting ready for your next deep space adventure and would like to give it go, come fishing with INFLATABLE DESIGN GROUP for your next project. 

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