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Make it Rain with an Inflatable Money Machine 6

Make it Rain with an Inflatable Money Machine

Money makes the world go round. Inflatable money machines make event-goers come around! It’s the perfect promotional product for your next event. Who can resist the chance to grab bills of money that float and swirl around them? Money machines are a very popular interactive inflatable product and a fan favorite at each event! These inflatable money machines are great for advertising your brand or promote your product. So, you have the unique ability to customize the money machine and advertise on the inflatable itself! As you can see here, many of our customers have made their money machine uniquely theirs! You can too! So, don’t wait, contact us for a free estimate today!

Customize Your Inflatable Money Machine

Your inflatable money machine is completely customizable. This does not just mean that you can put whatever colors and words on it that you want. No, this is much better. The IDG team can make the money machine in any shape or size and as simple or complex as you desire! So, this includes making the money in the shape of something specific. For example, Bass Pro Shops requested a money machine in the shape of a fish tank, but with bowling pins on the top and bowling balls lining the outside bottom. Therefore, the design you bring to us doesn’t have to be conventional or fit a template. We offer full customization. Below is a picture of the Bass Pro Shops inflatable money machine.

Bass Pro Shops Inflatable Money Machine

Brands and Inflatable Money Machines

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of a growing business. Utilizing the attractive draw of an inflatable money machine to improve customer familiarity with a brand is something companies have successfully done with IDG for years!

Here’s how it works; a company is planning a grand opening event. First, it needs something that can both attract people to the event as well as promote its brand. This company finds Inflatable Design Group and sees that we offer free estimates. Then, this company calls the number and speaks to one of our amazing team members, and the next thing you know, there’s a custom inflatable money machine in the works. Next, this money machine is made according to the company’s preferences. So, it’s in the size and shape requested, with the company logo and name on the money machine to increase brand awareness! Finally, it turns out to be a huge success at the grand opening event! This success story could be yours. So what are you waiting for? Contact our IDG team today to start that success story!

square money machines
iHeart Radio Money Machine

Inflatable Money Machines and Custom Shapes

As exemplified by the Bass Pro Shops custom inflatable money machine, IDG can create your custom money machine according to the shape you want! The Inflatable Design Group team can create a square inflatable money machine no problem. The iHeart Radio inflatable product pictured above is an example of a simple option. This square money machine is brightly colored and has iHeart radio’s logo and name all over it. Therefore, the promotional aspect of the inflatable money machine can be successfully done no matter how simple or complex the shape of the machine.

Some of the more complex inflatable money machines are custom shapes. As long as the inflatable money machine has a space for the money circulation, the shape can be customized to your preference. The benefits of customizing your inflatable money machine include increased promotional ability and lasting impact on the customer. The increased promotional ability comes directly from the power to bring your product, logo, anything connected with your company to an inflatable reality. Bounty had a roll of paper towels towering above the money machine. Cres Cor requested their money machine in the shape of a 10-foot tall beehive. EZ Marketing had IDG create an inflatable money machine in the form of a brightly colored jukebox.

Custom Inflatable Money Machines

The pictured custom inflatable money machines above attracted customer attention by being unique. IDG made this possible through our talented team members and the creative ideas of the company representatives! Make your next inflatable money machine a custom shape!

Make a Statement with an Inflatable Money Machine

Nothing says “I can afford college” more than standing in an enclosed space with money flying around you! is a website developed by the community colleges of California. It’s a helpful site that educates students about opportunities to reduce their initial cost of college. In addition, it provides action steps to reach the goal of attending college. For example,’s homepage has a link to enter to win $1000 in a sweepstakes event. Another link is to find a financial aid workshop in your area! Furthermore, a link leads to information about the California College Promise grant. All in all, this site devotes itself to helping people have the chance to attend college. Inflatable Money Machine

For an event, Inflatable Design Group created the inflatable money machine above for It was a simple square shape with bright orange and gray colors and the website name boldly posted on the top. The connection between someone grabbing money that is flying around and being able to afford college is very strong. Therefore, the concept is relatable, making it even more effective as a promotion.

Variety in Inflatable Money Machines

If you haven’t checked out some of the awesome inflatable money machines we’ve made for previous customers, take a look here! Inflatable Design Group doesn’t just have one boring template. We pride ourselves in the skill of creativity and making products unique to our customers’ needs. Many customers have requested the classic square money machine inflatable. Nothing wrong with that! However, continue reading to find out more about the variety of inflatable money machines IDG has to offer!

If you are interested in a simple style that is not the square inflatable, look no further than the circular money machine! Another popular style of money machine is in the style of a bank safe! This adds a fun twist to the idea of stepping into a whirlwind of money. In addition, not all inflatable money machines have bills of currency floating around. Some of our customers have floated prizes or coupons inside their machines. Given this variety as well as the ability to customize, you can make sure your inflatable money machine is uniquely yours! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Inflatable Money Machine Variety