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A Mascot Inflatable Entryway Will Grab Everyone's Attention 2

A Mascot Inflatable Entryway Will Grab Everyone’s Attention

Make a Statement on Game Day 

Run out onto the field in style with an incredible mascot inflatable entryway. School pride should be put on display at every event! Make football games, rallies, back to school night and every other event so much more exciting with inflatable entryways. Take your mascot and bring it to life in inflatable form! Our team has designed spectacular creations from eagle entryways to bull entryways. So, transform any animal into an inflatable entryway! 

Our Mascot Inflatable Entryway Creations

Earlier this year, IDG help our 2016 Most Amazing High School Entryway contest. Showcasing all the awesome mascots that turned into inflatable entryways. Our front runners included a bear entryway, bulldog enrtyway and even a zebra entryway! Your mascot doesn’t have to be an animal to turn it into an amazing inflatable! Our team has created outstanding pirate entryways and other mascots! Ensure that you have the best campus and game day in the district! So, order your mascot inflatable entryway today!