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maximize social media with inflatables

Maximize Social Media Engagement with Bespoke Inflatables

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses and brands to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.  Bespoke inflatables offer a unique and effective way to create buzz and enhance your social media presence and reach. 

Work with Inflatable Design Group to design and create bespoke inflatables that can be leveraged to maximize your social media engagement and create memorable experiences and content for your audience.

Create Eye-Catching Visual Content with Bespoke Inflatables

Visual content is the key to social media and bespoke inflatables are inherently eye-catching and photogenic.  Whether it’s a giant inflatable product replica, a branded inflatable arch, or bespoke inflatable event decor, these giant inflatables are sure to capture attention and stand out in a crowd and on social media.

Disney+ Inflatables on Santa Monica Pier
Disney+ Inflatables on Santa Monica Pier

People love posing and taking pictures with unique visuals.  By working with Inflatable Design Group to create eye-catching bespoke inflatables you will be encouraging your attendees and audience to take pictures with and of your inflatables.  They will then post those to social media and increase your engagement!

Host an Interactive Campaign

Everybody loves an interactive campaign.  From branded bespoke inflatable games to inflatable photo ops, IDG has lots of inflatables that can serve as an interactive campaign.  Our knowledgeable sales representatives can also work with you to think of new innovative ideas on how to use and create a bespoke inflatable in an interactive campaign.

One of the most popular uses of inflatables in interactive campaigns is by using them as a photo opportunity.  By setting up designated photo zones at your event you will make it easy for attendees to snap pictures with your bespoke inflatables.  This is a great way to encourage user-generated content which can increase your brand’s social media reach.

Giant Inflatable Skillet Photo Op at Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs Event
Giant Inflatable Skillet Photo Op at Bacon, Eggs, & Kegs Event

Bespoke inflatables can serve as the perfect backdrop for an event photo.  Attendees will then share those photos online as well as share their experience with your brand.  Be sure to encourage attendees to tag your account and use a unique hashtag to further drive engagement to your page!

Collaborate with Influencers to Get Eyes on Your Brand

Influencer marketing can help amplify your brand’s social media reach and brand credibility.  Partnering with influencers and having them showcase your branded inflatables can help introduce your brand to new audiences while also generating authentic content.

Remember, it is important to choose influencers who align with your brand values and have a strong social media presence with your target market.  Invite these influencers to events that showcase your branded inflatables and encourage them to share their experiences.  Make sure the influencers you collaborate with tag your account to drive people to your page!

Order Your Bespoke Inflatables Today

Bespoke inflatables are versatile and impactful tools that can help your brand enhance and maximize social media engagement.  Utilize your inflatables to create visually appealing content and encourage user-generated content so that your business can maximize their social media presence and drive meaningful engagement. 

Email our team today at to start customizing your bespoke inflatable and leave a lasting impression on your audience at your next event.