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Attract More Business with Custom Inflatables

Attract More Business with Custom Inflatables

Marketing professionals are continually challenged with finding innovative and unique ways to enhance corporate branding and drive more sales. Inflatable Design Group (IDG) has partnered with the marketing departments of numerous companies to help them develop a strategy to incorporate custom inflatables into their overall marketing plan.  Not only is a custom inflatable fun and eye-catching, but it is much more affordable than most traditional advertising and can be used over and over again.  Our next series of articles will focus on different types of custom inflatables companies can use to attract customers.

Branded Custom Inflatables

IDG can create a custom inflatable in any size or shape and brand it for your business.  When it comes to branded inflatables, the possibilities are endless!  Our expert design team will create a larger than life inflatable with your company colors and logos that is sure to attract attention.

Inflatable Product Replicas

Inflatable product replicas are a popular way to drive business.  Examples of popular inflatable product replicas include inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable food, inflatable shoes, inflatable tires and more. Our designers have created attention grabbing inflatable product replicas for large corporations and local small businesses alike.

Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable mascots are among some of our most popular branded custom inflatables.  We create inflatable mascots for companies with existing recognizable characters as well as those who wish to have us design a mascot for them from scratch.

Our next article will cover three more types of custom inflatables that drive business: inflatable entranceways, inflatable products and inflatable logos. 

Are you a business owner or marketing professional who is exploring unique ways to attract more customers? If so, custom inflatables may be the solution you are seeking. Give your friends at IDG a call today!