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Custom Inflatables

More Custom Inflatables for Sports Events

We are continuing our series discussing different types of custom inflatables that are ideal for sports events. All custom inflatables highlighted can be incorporated into high school, college, amateur, and professional sports events. Our previous articles covered custom inflatable mascots, inflatable logos, sports equipment, entranceways, inflatable products and inflatable slides. Today, we will explore additional options including custom inflatable archways, custom inflatable interactive games and custom inflatable tents and pavilions.

Custom Inflatable Archways

Archways are popular custom inflatables that can be utilized in many of the same ways as inflatable entranceways.  Inflatable archways are ideal for just about any event and are often used at sports venues to welcome crowds into the stadium and/or usher the home team onto the field.

Custom Inflatable Interactive Games

Custom inflatable interactive games are designed to generate excitement and engage fans at your sports event.  Your friends at Inflatable Design Group (IDG) have created all kinds of inflatable interactive games for numerous sports such as football, baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, hockey and more.

Custom Inflatable Tents and Pavilions

Custom inflatable tents and pavilions can be used for many purposes including information areas, first aid stations and more.  We have developed custom inflatable tents and pavilions in all shapes and sizes and will design yours to fit your specific needs.

The next and final article in the series will discuss some of the most engaging types of custom inflatables including inflatable misting machines, the inflatable money machine and inflatable obstacle courses.

If you want to “wow” crowds at your next event, then custom inflatables are just what you need. The creative team at IDG will sit down with you to discuss your goals and objectives then develop an inflatable marketing strategy for your team, brand, or business. Give your friends at IDG a call to learn more today!