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Nerd Out with a Custom Comic-Con Inflatable from IDG 1

Nerd Out with a Custom Comic-Con Inflatable from IDG

The annual Comic-Con event was this weekend in San Diego! For your next event, wow your customers with custom inflatable products from Inflatable Design Group! Comic-Con is a non-profit multi-genre entertainment and comic book convention consistently draws over 100,000 people each year throughout its four-day duration. Many of these super-fan attendees dress up as their favorite characters with elaborate costumes. These fans come expecting a high level of effort and entertainment from the booths and panels put on. So, exceed your fans’ expectations with a custom Comic-Con inflatable from Inflatable Design Group!

Custom Comic-Con inflatable of Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken Inflatable 2019 Comic-Con

Custom Inflatable Comic-Con Characters

Comic-Con is all about creating an interactive world to showcase your show, comic, or game. Therefore, you’ll need exciting ways to present your characters. A custom Comic-Con inflatable from Inflatable Design Group can bring your characters to life. IDG has a reputation of high quality, accurate inflatable character replicas. For example, the picture below is a custom inflatable representation of the BeKyoot character, Momocheet. BeKyoot is an artist that creates adorable comics, illustrations, art streams, and merchandise. One of the 17 original characters is a kitten that loves sweets called Momocheet. So, BeKyoot had the talented IDG team create a custom inflatable Momocheet character to bring Momocheet to life for the many Comic-Con fans!

Comic-Con inflatable BeKyoot Character
Inflatable BeKyoot Character / Original Plush Toy

The inflatable pictured in the above collage on the left is based on the Momocheet plush toy. BeKyoot wants to advertise for their new merchandise while creating the best atmosphere for their fans. So, Inflatable Design Group provides the exact product needed! The custom inflatable kitten is very accurate to what the plush toy looks like. Also, the inflatable stands about 5 feet tall. This makes it a very photogenic inflatable. Therefore, fans flock to this custom inflatable kitten to take pictures of and with it! Standing next to THE Momocheet? That’s a dream come true for BeKyoot fans coming through Comic-Con. The pictures undoubtedly are put on all social media platforms and spread like wildfire. Therefore, the custom inflatable Momocheet character becomes the star of the booth and draws in event-goers!

Adult Swim Custom Comic-Con Inflatables

Outside the convention center, the popular adult-oriented programming block of Cartoon Network called Adult Swim set up a carnival for fans to enjoy. This carnival, titled “Adult Swim on the Green” has been a recurring feature of Comic-Con festivities. As you can see here, Inflatable Design Group has created products for Adult Swim’s Comic-Con carnival before.

Adult Swim Comic-Con 2019

This year, the talented IDG team created a giant inflatable Early Cuyler from Squidbillies. Also, we made a large Rick head from Rick and Morty. Finally, we created a Robot Chicken head from Robot Chicken. The event includes food, games, and a giant screen showing clips of Adult Swim shows. The festivities occur underneath a large shelter. To draw in as many people as possible, Adult Swim had IDG create custom inflatable characters to place on top of the roof. Therefore, the carnival was impossible to miss! With Rick, Robot Chicken, and Early Cuyler looming above the treetops, many Comic-Con event-goers were attracted to the event! For your next carnival, event, or promotion, utilize Inflatable Design Group‘s talented team to make sure you can attract as many fans as possible!

Adult Swim Comic-Con Carnival

Custom Interactive Comic-Con Inflatables

One of the most effective elements of entertainment is interactivity. When an event-goer is a part of something, he or she is much more likely to stay and enjoy the event! For example, as you can see in the pictures below, the Peanuts booth at the 2015 Comic-Con was a hit! To boost awareness of the release of the Peanuts Movie, they had the talented IDG team create a custom interactive inflatable. This bright red inflatable house stood over 20 feet tall, making it very eye-catching. Built as a larger-than-life replica of Snoopy’s dog house, fans couldn’t resist taking pictures of and with the giant custom inflatable.

Custom Comic-Con inflatable Peanuts Movie Snoopy House
Inflatable Snoopy House

Not only is the size and accuracy impressive and successful at attracting fans, but the inflatable was interactive as well! Fans were able to walk into Snoopy’s house and even slide out! The interactive fun that this inflatable product brought to the Peanuts booth helped make the event a huge success. For your next event, consider a custom interactive inflatable from Inflatable Design Group! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Inflatable Peanuts Slide

Custom Comic-Con Inflatables at Booths

Inside the San Diego Convention Center, there are many sections to the massive 4-day Comic-Con event. One of the largest attractions is the Exhibit Hall. This enormous room contains booths from artists to comic book writers to authors to television networks to toy companies like Hasbro!

Each booth host has one goal: to attract as many people as possible. Therefore, they must use entertaining and eye-catching resources. Nickelodeon had a life-size Krusty Krab, Chum Bucket, and Mrs. Puff’s Boating School from the beloved show, Spongebob. In addition, Marvel showcased statues and incredible accurate recreations of popular Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. A few years ago, Hasbro promoted their booth with a large custom inflatable blowfish from Inflatable Design Group. As you can see in the picture below, the blowfish swam above event-goers heads on top of the booth, attracting people to Hasbro’s products! For example, the Hasbro game, “Blowfish Blowup” was brought to life by the giant custom inflatable blowfish that IDG created. Make your ideas come to life with a custom Comic-Con inflatable from Inflatable Design Group!

Hasbro Blowfish Inflatable

Giant Custom Comic-Con Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group’s giant custom inflatables are impossible to ignore. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Comic-Con this year. I had never been to Comic-Con before. However, I was thoroughly impressed by the booths, panels, costumes, and everything else included! There’s nothing quite like enjoying exclusive and highly anticipated entertainment with over 100,000 like-minded fans.

However, the Comic-Con festivities were not just inside the convention center. A large part of downtown San Diego is decorated to extend the current Comic-Con excitement. So, booths, carnivals, yachts, and buildings all participate in the convention. As you can see in the picture below, Cartoon Network promoted the Regular Show with a giant inflatable Mordecai and Rigby. These immense custom inflatables loomed on top of a building near the convention center, creating awareness for the show and excitement for fans to see Cartoon Network at Comic-Con. Furthermore, giant custom inflatables like these and the Adult Swim characters proved to grab my attention as I explored the awesome convention. So, make sure to contact IDG for a free estimate and get started on your own Comic-Con Inflatable inflatable journey!

Regular Show Giant Custom Inflatable