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New Word Definitions for the Advertising Industry 3

New Word Definitions for the Advertising Industry

Companies are always trying to find a unique way to promote and advertise their company logo, mascot or product.  It’s all about being the best message in town and leave that lasting impression… 

Inflatable Design Group is here  to help achieve that goal.  Custom inflatables leave many emotions, feelings and desires.

Check out the new definitions of various words below that we think of when we see that massive custom inflatable. 




Further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture or aim); support or actively encourage.  

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we are focused on how to promote YOU or YOUR company! What we came up with is the definition of PROMOTE and how various inflatables have PROMOTED different messages and feelings

Inflatable AMP Arch and Product Replica AMP Can
Inflatable AMP Arch and Product Replica AMP Can




Give (someone) training in or information in a particular- field.

Custom medical inflatables are a great way to educate and define the human body by interactive displays showing various organs with healthy and unhealthy diseases that might affect the body. This larger than life visual teaching tool helps educators walk around to discuss things about the different inflatable organs.

Inflatable Vertical Heart
Inflatable Vertical Heart




 A mass meeting of people showing support for a cause.

Rally Excitement! 

The art of a rally is to gather a large group or fan base to promote excitement with all the fans.  Custom inflatable entranceways can gather the masses and send the excitement coursing through the veins of players, coaches, and the crowd. Enter the field with a giant custom tunnel and the crowd will go wild! 

Inflatable Patriots Entryway
Inflatable Patriots Entryway




Encourage is to help or stimulate.  

Encourage social responsibility:

Fulfill your civic duty and find fun ways to encourage others to do the same. Wear your mask for Covid-19 or recycle your bottles and cans. Check out fun ways to promote mask-wearing or recycling with a giant inflatable. Larger than life inflatables can put a smile on your face even under the mask, check out the GIANT inflatable duck showcasing her custom mask. Tower over a huge inflatable recycling bin and throw the cans and bottles into a fun interactive inflatable recycling bin.    

Inflatable Duck with Mask
Inflatable Duck with Mask
Inflatable Giant Trash Recycling Can
Inflatable Giant Trash Recycling Can




To appear larger than life.

Magnify your product:

 It is important to get your product in front of consumers in order to showcase all the great things your products can offer. A giant inflatable can elevate the status of your product in a whole new way. 

Be ahead of your competitors with a massive, attention-getting inflatable.

Custom Inflatable Product Replicas
Custom Inflatable Product Replicas




Intense feeling or ignite.

Spark interest:

Stir up any kind of emotion with a custom advertising inflatable. A proud intense feeling is generated when a custom inflatable creation is inflated that represents your company, product, school, or other. Happy feelings and a sense of pride can instill product loyalty and commitment. The grand finale of emotions is always conjured up when your unique one of a kind inflatables is inflated for the first time and viewed and enjoyed by all.

Inflatable Characters Display
Inflatable Characters Display




Put in motion– The action or process of moving or being moved.

The movement of cash or coupons spinning and moving about in an inflatable money machine brings loads of fun as a participant has a few seconds to gather as much as they can and finish the game.  Interactive inflatables are a great way to entertain all ages to both view and participate with. 

Inflatable Money Machines
Inflatable Money Machines




Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  

To inspire is to be creative and custom inflatables embody creativity and design to inspire the masses.  One of a kind inflatables inspire people on many levels as you have seen from the other definitions listed in this blog post above, you have seen it has helped us educate, encourage, magnify consumer products, rally excitement, and much more.

Inflatable Mud Arch
Inflatable Mud Arch

Looking at larger than life inflatables inspire a multitude of emotions and we are here to help you start your inflatable journey.

We are excited to bring YOUR idea to an inflatable reality. 

Create and INFLATE greatness with Inflatable Design Group.