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non profit marketing with custom inflatables

Non-Profit Marketing with Custom Inflatables

Marketing is very important, especially for non-profit organizations as it helps bring awareness to the organization’s cause and often leads to donations. A great way to bring awareness to your non-profit is by incorporating custom inflatables into your non-profit marketing plan.

Inflatable Design Group can work with any size budget to create impressive custom inflatables that bring awareness to your non-profit organization and the cause you support.  

Non-Profit Marketing with Inflatable Arches

Tis’ the season of giving and although the weather is cold, spring is just around the corner. What better way to bring attention to your non-profit organization than with a spring fundraising race?  

Races are the perfect form of non-profit marketing as they are a fun way to bring in donations. 

They also bring awareness to your organization’s supported cause. Let people know what they are racing and fundraising for with a custom inflatable archway!

walk to end Alzheimer's inflatable arch
Walk to End Alzheimer’s Inflatable Arch

IDG has an extensive collection of various styles of inflatable archways that are sure to make your non-profit organization stand out. Inflatable archways are 100% customizable and provide a photo-worthy start and finish line. Work with IDG’s team to customize your arch to proudly display your organization or the cause you are fundraising for. Inflatable arches also have the option of removable banners which provides versatility to your arch allowing your organization to utilize it at different fundraising events and show off different sponsors.

non profit inflatable arch
ALS Association Inflatable Arch

Inflatable arches aren’t just great for fundraising races. They can be used at any non-profit marketing event to welcome your organization’s supporters and event attendees.  

Put the Fun in Fun-drasing with Interactive Inflatable

Interactive inflatables are also a great way to utilize custom inflatables for non-profit marketing. 

Any of our interactive inflatables can be customized to display your organization’s name and call out your event sponsors or the cause your organization supports. 

count on me foundation interactive inflatables
Count on Me Foundation Inflatable Corn Hole (left) and Football Toss (right)

Custom interactive inflatables are the perfect accessory to your fundraising event or fundraising booth as they are sure to attract people of all ages, allowing you to inform them about your organization and its cause.  

Check out more of our interactive inflatables here. All are 100% customizable and can be designed to feature your non-profit organization’s brand or sponsors.

Stand Out at Events with a Vendor Tent

Many times, non-profit marketing involves hosting a booth at an event to spread awareness about your organization and its mission. Give your booth a professional look with custom vendor tents made by IDG.  

Vendor tents provide your organization with maximum visibility. All IDG’s vendor tents are manufactured with high-quality material that is made to withstand the elements and last for years. Plus, they are portable and easy to set up. 

vendor tent for non-profit marketing
Vendor Tent with Table Cloth and Backwall

Polish off your organization’s booth with a complete vendor tent package that includes a fully digitally printed tablecloth, two digitally printed sidewalls, and one digitally printed back wall.  

Look at more examples of our vendor tents here.  

Elevate Your Non-Profit Marketing Campaign with Custom Inflatables Today!

As you can see, IDG has a wide variety of products that can help improve your organization’s non-profit marketing campaign. Work with IDG’s team to start designing your custom inflatable or vendor tent package that will fit into your organization’s marketing budget today. 

Our team has experience in helping clients with all-size budgets.

Email our sales team at today to get connected with an experienced sales representative who will help you find the perfect custom inflatable for your organization and budget.  

For more information about the custom inflatable ordering process check out our FAQ page.