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Outdoor Advertising: An Oldie But Goodie

Outdoor Advertising: An Oldie But Goodie

Companies are often overwhelmed by all of the different types of advertising choices available today. Choosing whether to invest in television, magazine, newspaper, social media, online, or outdoor advertising can be a daunting task.  Few businesses have the marketing dollars to invest in everything so choosing options that generate the biggest bang for your buck is key to a successful advertising plan.

Many companies have shied away from outdoor advertising in favor of online options.  However, outdoor advertising is one of the oldest mediums in the world, and it continues to stand the test of time.  Our next series of articles will explore how branded custom inflatables have transformed the world of outdoor advertising and why they deliver such a favorable return on investment (ROI).

Branded Custom Inflatables Can Be Placed Anywhere

They beauty of custom inflatables is that they can be placed anywhere.  Businesses purchase all types of giant inflatables including inflatable characters, inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable cars, inflatable product replicas, and anything else they can dream up. They place these outside of their storefronts, event tents, tradeshow booths, and also use them at festivals, concerts and other special events. A one-time investment in a custom inflatable can go a long, long way.

Branded Custom Inflatables Grab Attention

Nothing grabs attention like giant inflatables.  There is just something about larger than life inflatable products that make people stop and take notice. Children and adults alike are drawn to giant inflatables, which also make great backgrounds for photos.

Our next article will discuss more reasons why branded custom inflatables are wise advertising investments.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) is a leading manufacturer of custom inflatable products.  We work with marketing and advertising professionals to develop a custom inflatable strategy for their businesses and brands.  Some of our most popular inflatable products include inflatable mascots, inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable entranceways, inflatable archways, inflatable cars, inflatable product replicas and inflatable money machines. Are you ready to give your advertising a boost?  If so, give your friends at IDG a call today!