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Outdoor Advertising Stands the Test of Time

Part Two

As we discussed in a previous article, outdoor advertising is the one medium that continues to stand the test of time.  Even as new forms of advertising emerge, outdoor advertising is still considered an excellent complement to many strategic marketing strategies. 

Branded custom inflatables are one type of outdoor advertising strategy that continues to gain traction. We have already discussed some of the advantages of custom inflatable products including the fact that they can be placed anywhere and that they stand out and grab attention.  Let’s look at a few more reasons why marketing professionals choose to incorporate branded custom inflatables into their advertising strategy.

Branded Custom Inflatables Are Affordable

Giant inflatables are extremely affordable, especially when compared to other forms of advertising.  Best of all, they are not subject to the same saturation as traditional newspaper, television and radio ads and online advertising.  When you place giant inflatables at your storefront or use them at a tradeshow, festival, or special event, they will stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Branded Custom Inflatables Can Be Used Over and Over Again

Unlike a commercial or ad that must be purchased each time it airs or prints, giant inflatables can be used over and over again! In fact, the traction you can get out of custom inflatable products is quite impressive.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) can help you identify and develop the most effective custom inflatable products to help market your business.  We can design anything and everything, including inflatable characters, inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable archways, inflatable entranceways, inflatable product replicas and inflatable promotional products to help market your business.  Give us a call to learn more today!