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Dress Up Your Next Event with Outdoor Event Inflatables

Spring is around the corner and the weather is heating up.  This means it is almost time for events to move outdoors!  Dress up your next event with outdoor event inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Whether you are hosting a 5k, state fair, or music festival, IDG has a custom inflatable that will help dress up your event!

Add Some Competition with Interactive Inflatables

Everybody loves a little competition.  Add some to your next outdoor event with custom interactive inflatables!

IDG has an extensive list of interactive inflatables that include giant inflatable couches, inflatable corn hole, inflatable free throw, and more!  All our inflatables are 100% customizable and can be made to show off your brand, company, product, or team. 

custom inflatable corn hole game at nfl event
Custom Inflatable Corn Hole Game

Custom interactive inflatables are a great addition to any outdoor event.  Use them at your company booth at the local fair and give away prizes or use them at a music festival to attract eventgoers to your booth! 

Check out our interactive inflatables here

Escape the Heat with Inflatable Misting Stations & Tents

Looking for outdoor event inflatables that will provide an escape from the sun at your next event?  How about a custom inflatable misting station or inflatable tent?

Custom inflatable misting stations are a fun way for eventgoers to cool off.  They can be used at any outdoor event and provide plenty of space to advertise your company or event sponsors.  Inflatable misting stations are a magnet for anyone looking to cool off and escape the heat.  Plus, they are surprisingly easy to set up!  Learn more about inflatable misting stations here.

inflatable misting station for company at festival
Custom Inflatable Misting Station

Looking to provide shade or a cool place to hang out at your next event?  Custom inflatable tents and pavilions designed and manufactured by IDG are the perfect solution!  These outdoor event inflatables are extremely sturdy and easy to set up.  Utilize them at your next beach day event, outdoor tradeshow, race, or even at your kid’s soccer tournament!  IDG can create your inflatable tent or pavilion to be any size, shape, and color you want!   Learn more about inflatable tents and pavilions here.

custom inflatable tent for outdoor event
Custom Inflatable Tent for Outdoor Event

Advertise with Outdoor Event Inflatables

Any of IDG’s custom inflatables can be branded to show off your brand or event sponsors.  But our team of talented craftsmen can also create giant inflatable replicas that will tower over eventgoers and are a great way to increase brand awareness.

From a giant inflatable beer can replica to an inflatable replica of a race car, IDG can perfectly replicate any product, car, or character! 

custom inflatable beer can replica
Daybreaker Vodka Custom Inflatable Can Replica

Inflatable replicas are great for any event including grand openings, festivals, fairs, and more!  Plus, they are a great return on investment as, with proper care and cleaning, they can last for up to 10 years!

Giant inflatable product replicas are a great way to attract eventgoers to your event booth or use an inflatable replica to show off your event sponsors and provide a fun photo opportunity for guests! 

Dress Up Your Event with Custom Outdoor Event Inflatables

Not only are outdoor event inflatables great for advertising and increasing brand awareness, but custom inflatables can also be used to dress up your event and add to the event theme. 

Especially popular with music festivals, custom inflatable sculptures and inflatable stage sets are a great way to enhance your outdoor event’s atmosphere.  Plus, they are portable and durable, allowing them to be used for many years or at many events in different cities around the world. 

custom outdoor inflatables for Rolling Loud Music Festival
Custom Inflatable Sculpture for Rolling Music Festival

Look through IDG’s collection of inflatable stage sets and inflatable art sculptures to get ideas on how to dress up your next outdoor event!

Order Your Custom Inflatables Today!

Inflatable Design Group has over 30 years of experience in the custom inflatable industry.  Our team has a keen eye for detail and can help you bring any vision to life! 

Get started on your outdoor event inflatables today!  Email us at for a free quote.