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Summer Promotional Outside Inflatables from Inflatable Design Group

Summer Sun and Outside Inflatables

Summer is coming upon us pretty quickly, and with it comes the need for customers to order giant outside inflatables for various large outdoor events. When it comes to summer events, there are many giant outdoor inflatables for various occasions.

When the sun is at its hottest is also the time when schools are out. This means a lot of family activities within their communities. It’s quite common for people to attend their favorite carnivals, fairs, and various festivals.

Summertime wouldn’t be the same without these large outdoor events. As such, many event organizers recognize the need for many different, large outdoor inflatables for their events. An example of outdoor inflatables used at such functions includes money machines, inflatable entryways, misting stations, tents, and giant inflatable promotional pieces for themed events.


Summer Inflatables

Some larger events may have corporate sponsorship. For events like these, it’s quite common for giant outside inflatables that are product replicas to be shown. Imagine a gigantic Coca Cola bottle to designate a drink vendor area, as an example. Even giant entryways can have corporate logos built into them. So, it’s really up to the event organizer and the purpose of the event.


outside inflatables

Other outside inflatables that are great for large sunny events are inflatable tents. So, the blazing sun is sure to scorch attendees to the point of seeking a safe haven in the form of a tent. Some other items can be misting stations to cool off under a unit that mists water, instant relief on a hot summer day!


Misting Durham

So, prepare for summer time with a great looking inflatable from Inflatable Design Group!