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have a picture perfect race day with a custom inflatable arch

Have a Picture-Perfect Race Day with a Custom Inflatable Arch

Spring is only a few weeks away which means it’s almost race season!  Give your participants a picture-perfect race day with a custom inflatable arch! 

Ready, Set, Go!

Dress up your start and finish line with a customizable inflatable arch.  Work with Inflatable Design Group’s innovative team to find the right style, size, and color to match your race and show off your organization or sponsors. 

Inflatable arches are a great way to let people know where the race starts and an exciting way to welcome runners to the finish line.  Plus, they make the perfect picture background for crossing the finish line! 

custom inflatable arch for the neon run finish line
Inflatable Arches for The Neon Run

All inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG are 100% customizable.  We can digitally print any logo or design directly onto your inflatable arch and our team can match any colors!  Check out the different styles of inflatable arches we make here.  Don’t see the shape you want?  Contact our team to get started on designing a completely custom shape for your inflatable arch!  

Show Off Your Event Sponsors with Removable Banners

Work with IDG’s team to add removable banners to your inflatable arch.  Removable banners are a great way to call attention to your event sponsors.  Since they are removable, you can change them out for different events, runs, or sponsors, year after year.  

Inflatable with removable banners for 5k
Inflatable Arch with Removable Banners for 5k

Removable banners are also a good way to utilize the same inflatable arch for both your start and finish line on race day!  Quickly change from the ‘start’ to ‘finish’ banner to welcome participants to the end of the race. 

Benefits of an Inflatable Arch

Stop wrestling with a truss before race day and invest in an inflatable arch!  Inflatable arches are easy to set up and only take a few minutes for inflation.  They are also extremely versatile and can be used for various events year-round, especially when customized with removable banners.

Colorado Rockies inflatable arch for game day and race day
Colorado Rockies Inflatable Arch on Game Day (left) and on Race Day (right)

The Inflatable Design Group team uses the best, highest-quality materials in the inflatable industry.  This ensures that, with proper cleaning and care, your inflatable arch will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. 

Other Accessories for Race Day

Help your runners cool down after the big race with an inflatable misting station.  Inflatable misting stations are a great way to add some fun to your race.  You can even incorporate them into the racecourse for a quick run-through cool-off.  Like inflatable arches, IDG’s team can match any colors, digitally print any design, and manufacture inflatable misting stations to whatever dimensions you want.  They can even be equipped with removable banners!

inflatable misting station
Inflatable Misting Station

Lots of planning and logistics go into races and marathons.  Participants need lots of information before they set off to the finish line.  Dress up your race day information or check-in booth with a custom, fully digitally printed, vendor tent!

custom state farm  vendor tent for race day
State Farm Inflatable Arch and Vendor Tent

IDG’s vendor tents are portable, sturdy, and easy to set up.  All vendor tent canopies are constructed with high-quality, 600 denier polyester fabric that is water and flame retardant and UV protected. 

Ask about our vendor tent packages that include digitally printed walls for your vendor tent, digitally printed tablecloths, and promotional flags.  All of which will polish off your booth and increase your booth’s visibility so that participants know exactly where to go for information on race day.

vendor tent package digitally printed and high quality
Booth with Vendor Tent, Printed Back Wall, Printed Table Cloth, and Promotional Flag

Order Today

Remind people what they are racing for with a custom inflatable arch displaying your organization or cause in a big, attention-grabbing way.  Inflatable arches are a great way to welcome fans to the race and provide a picture-perfect finish.

Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable arch.  Contact our team today at to get started on your custom inflatable.  Many races are held by non-profit organizations that have limited budgets.  Our team will make sure that your custom arch fits within your organization’s budget and exceeds your expectations.