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custom inflatable stage sets by idg

Presale 2023 Concerts with Inflatable Stage Sets

During 2022, Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with many different artists and production teams to create custom inflatable stage sets.  These inflatable stage sets traveled around the world on tour with various artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Jessie Reyez, and more. 

There are many benefits in using custom inflatables as part of your concert tour or festival stage set. 

Traveling with Inflatable Stage Sets is Easy!

Some of the most popular materials used in stage design include wood and metal.  Wood and metal tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space in your tour bus or truck when moving from one location to the next.  Custom inflatable stage sets on the other hand pack up into relatively small packages and weigh less when compared to traditional materials used in stage design.  IDG’s talented team can also work with you to make your inflatable stage set look like wood, metal, and other materials.

Karol G Custom Inflatable Barbed Wire Heart
Karol G Custom Inflatable Barbed Wire Heart

Concert tours, especially ones that go international, can be expensive.  Since inflatable stage sets weigh less than traditional stage design materials, it will cost less for you to take your inflatable stage set on the road with you.  Plus, since they take up minimal storage space, you can just throw your inflatable stage set in the storage space under your tour bus and hit the road!

Easy Set Up!

Another great thing about custom inflatable stage sets is that they are extremely easy, and fast, to set up and take down.  This is especially useful and important for artists that are performing at music festivals and have limited time between sets to set up their stage.  Simply place your inflatable in the desired location, roll it out, plug it in, and you are ready to go! 

Jessie Reyez Custom Inflatable Stage Set for Coachella 2022
Jessie Reyez Custom Inflatable Stage Set for Coachella 2022

Another cool thing with custom inflatables is that they can be set up to timers.  This gives artists the opportunity to have their inflatable self-inflate at a specific time during their stage set.  Ask your sales representative about timed inflation and other fun things you can do with your inflatable stage sets to add to your concert experience. 

The Possibilities are Endless with Inflatable Stage Sets

IDG has been lucky enough to have assembled the best and most talented crew of craftspeople in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  Our team works tirelessly to bring all our client’s visions to life and not only meet their expectations but exceed them. 

When it comes to inflatable stage sets designed by Inflatable Design Group, the possibilities are endless.  Our team can bring virtually any design or vision to life in the form of high-quality, highly detailed custom inflatable. 

Flo Milli and Machine Gun Kelly Custom Inflatable Stage Set
Flo Milli Custom Inflatable Logo Block Stage Set (top) and Machine Gun Kelly Inflatable Character Stage Set (bottom)

From something as simple as two inflatable logo blocks for rapper Flo Milli to a completely custom inflatable character strong enough to support a giant tv for its head for Machine Gun Kelly, IDG can do it all. 

Start Designing Your Inflatable Stage Set Today!

As mentioned before, when it comes to custom inflatables IDG works hard to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  Perfect craftsmanship takes time and that is why it is imperative that you get started on designing your inflatable stage set as soon as possible.  This will allow our team enough time to go through the entire inflatable manufacturing process and hopefully get your inflatable stage set into your hands in time for a few trial runs before you hit the road on tour!

Whether you are doing a one-time show at a music festival or a 56-show world tour, IDG’s custom inflatables will be the perfect addition to your next concert stage set.  Get connected with a sales representative and receive a free quote by emailing our team at or giving us a call during business hours at 619-596-6100.

Check out our website for past examples of our custom inflatable stage sets and more music industry inflatables.