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inflatable interactive activations for product promotions

Inflatable Interactive Activations for Product Promotions

Looking for a unique and interactive way to promote your product?  Inflatable interactive activations are a great way to grab your customer’s attention and promote your product in a fun and engaging way.   

Inflatable interactives are easy to set up, take down, and they pack up into surprisingly small packages, making them easy to take with you to any event your company may attend.  Also, since Inflatable Design Group manufactures all inflatables with the highest-quality materials in the industry, your inflatable will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. 

IDG’s talented team of craftsmen uses the best 3D imaging software in the industry to bring your ideas to life.  This means that our team can turn any of your products into a giant, interactive inflatable activation.  Use your inflatable activation at a tradeshow, festival, pop-up event, or more to promote your product in a way your customers are sure to remember!

Custom Inflatable Slides

Custom inflatable slides are one of the most popular inflatable interactive activations we design for brands.  Recently, we worked with Oreo to create a custom inflatable slide for their “What’s Your Stuf?” campaign.  This giant slide was five lanes wide and three stories high.  It was used as a pop-up activation in cities across the country as a fun and memorable way to settle the debate of the ideal cookie-to-cream ratio. 

Oreo Inflatable slide Activation
Custom Inflatable Oreo Slide for “What’s Your Stuf” Campaign

Our team also worked with Tide to create “The Tide Slide” and Twix to create a slide for their ad campaign “Left Twix vs Right Twix”. 

custom inflatable slides for twix and tide
Inflatable Interactive Activations for Twix (left) and Tide (right)

Work with our team to turn your product or next ad campaign into a fun interactive inflatable slide.  Check out more of our custom inflatable slides here.

Inflatable Money Machines

Add some excitement to your inflatable interactive activation with an inflatable money machine! 

Your customers will love entering an inflatable money machine to try to catch as much money or other prizes as they swirl around them.  Fill your money machine with money, coupons, or other prizes to bring excitement to your brand. 

Mountain Dew, Stoffer's, and Bounty custom inflatable money machines
Custom Inflatable Money Machines for Bounty Paper Towles (top left), Stoffer’s (top right), and Mountain Dew (bottom)

IDG can make inflatable money machines in any shape, size, or color.  As you can see from the examples above, we have made money machines in the shape of a Mountain Dew can, Stouffer’s Instant Meal, and even one with a giant Bounty paper towel roll on top!  Check out more of our inflatable money machines here.

Other Games Used for Inflatable Interactive Activations

Custom inflatable slides and money machines aren’t the only inflatable interactives IDG can design to promote your products.  We have a large collection of interactive games that can be customized to show off your product and brand! 

Recently, IDG worked with the sparkling water brand Bubly to create a giant custom inflatable corn hole set!  Each board was designed to look like a Bubly can and equipped with an internal blower making it easy to transport to various events. 

Bubly custom inflatable cornhole activation
Inflatable Cornhole for Bubly for an Inflatable Interactive Activation

Like the inflatable corn hole set, IDG worked with High Noon hard seltzers to create a football throw shaped like the brand’s seltzer can.  Since the hard seltzer is geared toward tailgates and sipping on the beach, this custom inflatable football throw is a perfect inflatable activation for the brand and is easy to set up and transport.

High Noon Inflatable Football Toss Activation

Looking for something bigger?  IDG has also created a custom inflatable bungee run activation for Gain Detergent.  In this inflatable interactive activation, participants are attached to a bungee cord.  The goal is to run and reach the washing machine at the end of the course before your opponents and before the bungee cord snaps you back to the starting line.

Custom Inflatable Bungee Run for Gain Detergent

As mentioned before, IDG can turn any of our interactive games into an inflatable interactive activation to promote your product.  Look at some of our interactive games here and contact our team to get started on your design.

Start Designing Your Inflatable Interactive Activation

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