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Promote in Style with IDG's Tents, Table Covers, and Flags! 7

Promote in Style with IDG’s Tents, Table Covers, and Flags!

Inflatable Design Group is your destination for event promotion products. Check out our custom tents, table covers, and flags! From giant custom inflatable tents to smaller canvas tents, IDG’s got it all. Also, to go with the tents, Inflatable Design Group creates custom table covers to add to the promotional products! Then, if that’s not enough, we provide large flags to catch the eye of event-goers! So, by working with us, you’ll definitely have people flocking to your tent, interested in your brand. What separates IDG from the rest is that our products are fully customizable! Therefore, your company, group, or team colors can be represented vibrantly on all promotional products! In addition, your logo and any other design can be printed onto the tent, table cover, and flag! Check out our event marketing products page to view examples of our custom promotional flags, sealed units, table covers, and tents!

Intense Advertising in Tents from IDG!

Tents provide a unique opportunity to provide shelter and promote yourself at the same time! The Inflatable Design Group team customizes the tent to your preference. So, promote your colors, logo, and any message or design on the tent itself. For example, the picture below is a group of tents for Hampton University. As you can see, the tents display the Hampton University Pirates logo at the top! Then, around the sides is the Hampton University name, website and Pepsi sponsor. The university utilized the customizability of IDG promotional products to make their tents stand out! The vibrant blue and white can be seen from miles around, and the large logos attract event-goers! In addition, IDG offers the option to add a background panel to the tent. Hampton University utilized this feature by promoting their “Respect the H” logo.

Hampton University Promotional Tent
Hampton University Tents

All in all, you can see how popular these tents are in the picture above! So now, imagine your company, brand, or team on these tents. The next event you attend with IDG’s promotional products will be a busy one, full of interested event-goers! Rain or shine, these high-quality inflatables will be sure to satisfy your needs. For example, they provide shelter from the rain as well as shade from the hot sun! Also, these standard tents are portable and lightweight, giving you the opportunity to transport the promotional products anywhere. Short set up time will get your event up and running in no time! So, consider Inflatable Design Group’s promotional tents for your next event!

Specialized Promotional Tents

In addition to the standard square promotional tent shelters, IDG also customizes tents to your preference! For example, the dimensions of the regular tent are not enough for some. Therefore, IDG customizes a larger tent for the customer! Other requests have been additional side and back panels, such as in the picture below. Appalachian State University looked to promote their merchandise while directing students to the bookstore. IDG made that happen by creating a tent large enough to hold merchandise as well as a front panel featuring directions! The tent was also customized to the App State black and yellow colors, with a specialized pattern on top and custom logos throughout the promotional product! Appalachian State brought their merchandise outside the bookstore with IDG’s tent. This brought more interaction from students, families, and others and increased sales of App State branded products! Contact us today for a free quote!

Appalachian State University Promotional Tent
Appalachian State University Custom Promotional Tent

Furthermore, Inflatable Design Group’s promotional products can be useful for more than building awareness! Check out an example in the picture below! For the Point Loma Nazarene University soccer team, IDG provided shelter for their benches and scorers’ table. The bench tents were four wide, connected together to provide seamless shelter for both teams. In addition, the back panels protect from wind and other elements while promoting the PLNU logo at the same time! Also, the tents’ design provides for little to no obstruction of the field. IDG’s custom products are made to benefit the customer. Consider our Vendor Tents page for more examples of awesome custom inflatables!

Point Loma Nazarene University Tent
Point Loma Nazarene University Soccer Tents

IDG’s Got You Covered with Promotional Table Covers

What items are inside the tents mentioned before and at every promotion event? Tables! Promote your company, organization, or team with custom table covers from Inflatable Design Group. There are many examples of cool table covers on our Custom Table Covers page, so go check it out! For example, the pictures below include two options for table cover styles. The Mountain Dew Kickstart custom table cover is unfitted. On the other hand, the Boston University table cover is an example of our stretch option. So, the sky’s the limit with IDG’s table covers. Any colors, size, fit, and design you want are possible with our talented team. Like Mountain Dew, your table cover can promote a specific product or line! Or, like Boston University, your table cover can display your logo and name proudly and boldly in front. In addition, stretch and unfitted table cover options give more variety.

Boston University Table Cover
Boston University Stretch Table Cover
Mountain Dew Table Cover Promotional Product
Mountain Dew Kickstart Unfitted Table Cover

So, consider IDG for your next event! Inflatable Design Group has the promotional products to make you the talk of the town! Whether it’s a trade show, sporting event, fair, or another kind of event, make sure to put your name out there with custom table covers. IDG brings bright colors and vivid designs to the table covers that catch the public eye, leading event-goers to your table and to interact with you! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Promote with IDG Flags

In addition to tents and table covers, Inflatable Design Group provides custom flags to grab attention! Check out our promotional flags page for awesome examples. Custom flags are the perfect way to get event-goers to notice you and promote your group, team, or organization. As you can see in the picture below, the Rome Braves minor league baseball team utilized IDG’s talented artists to customize their promotional flags. The bright red flag included the Braves logo and name, promoting their organization to all those walking by. Think of your own name and logo on a custom flag! Contact IDG today to get started.

Rome Braves Flags Promotional Product
Rome Braves Promotional Flags