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race into summer with race day inflatables

Race Into Summer with Race Day Inflatables

Hosting or sponsoring a race this summer? Contact Inflatable Design Group to get started on customizing your race day inflatables today!

Race day inflatables are a great way to welcome people to your event. They can be used to call attention to event sponsors, as a photo opportunity, or even as your start/finish line!

Find out about some of the race day inflatables we offer below.

Custom Inflatable Arches

No race is complete without an attention-grabbing, easy-to-spot start and finish line. Work with IDG to customize an inflatable arch for a picture-perfect start/finish line for your race.  

When it comes to inflatable arches, IDG has many styles and sizes for you to choose from. Whether you want your arch round, square, or a different shape, our team can help you create the perfect inflatable arch for your race. We can match any colors and digitally print any design directly onto your custom inflatable!

custom race day inflatables
Custom Inflatable Arch at 5k Race

Inflatable arches have lots of space for signage. This space can be used to advertise event sponsors and other companies that helped make your race possible. For organizations with tight budgets, such as a non-profit, this is a great way to raise money for your race and adds value to your sponsorship proposals. For more information on how custom branded inflatables can be incorporated into your sponsorship proposals read our blog here.  

Inflatable arches are versatile and can be used for different events all year long. Ask your sales representative about adding removable banners to your arch for even more versatility.  

dave's running inflatable arch with removable banners
Dave’s Running Inflatable Arch with Removable Banners

Check out our different styles of inflatable arches here.

Branded Race Day Inflatables

As mentioned before, branded inflatables are a great way to add value to your sponsorship proposals. 

Entice your lower-level sponsors to level up with custom branded race day inflatables!  

IDG can make branded race day inflatables in any size or shape. Some of our most popular branded race day inflatables are inflatable product replicas, inflatable logos, and inflatable mascots.

custom race day inflatables for sponsorships
Custom Race Day Inflatables For Event Sponsors

All our branded race day inflatables bring lots of visibility to event sponsors, are easy to set up, and can be used again and again! Plus, they make great photo opportunities for spectators and racers!

Inflatable Misting Stations

During the summer the weather can get hot! Help your spectators and racers cool down with a custom inflatable misting station.

Inflatable misting stations are a fun addition to any race event. They can be used in the grandstands to help spectators cool off, at the finish line to cool off runners, or anywhere else!  

Just like our other race day inflatables, inflatable misting stations can be used to call attention to your event sponsors. Find a sponsor to donate an inflatable misting station designed with a giant print of their name and logo or find multiple sponsors to pitch in and advertise them all! 

inflatable misting station for coca-cola inflatable event
Custom Inflatable Misting Station for Coca-Cola Sponsored Event

Inflatable misting stations have lots of room for signage and are a great way to thank your event sponsors. 

Learn more about inflatable misting stations here.

Order Your Race Day Inflatables Today

Summer is just around the corner! Make sure you are race-day ready with custom race day inflatables!

Contact our team at to get started on your custom inflatables today.