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Run straight to IDG for all of you Race Day Inflatables! 2

Run straight to IDG for all of you Race Day Inflatables!

More fun at a run with inflatables!

Here in San Diego we are used to sunny days and winters spent at the beach. Since we have such great weather, it is always the season to have a 5k run/walk with race day inflatables! We love being able to make custom inflatables for different 5k runs all across the United States. With race day right around the corner, we can help make your race stand out by using custom inflatables. Custom inflatable archways are the perfect start/finish line to get runners excited for the race and have the race be seen for miles! However, the excitement doesn’t stop at archways. Any race can be dressed up with race columns, giant mascots and product replicas that are as big as your imagination makes them.

Custom, Creative and Catchy Race Day Inflatables

We had a blast making a giant record for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego. Most of all, our inflatables draw attention to every event, whether it’s a day or night run. We are constantly in awe of how many awesome races there are to run across the country and how much fun they each are! So, using advertising inflatables ,as your race day inflatables, opens the door to endless possibilities for your run and is a great fit for any run. We have seen runs in mud, slime, glowing in the night, with superheroes everywhere and this list goes on! As a matter of fact, we want to create the craziest inflatables out there. When someone came to us with the idea of making a P.F. Chang’s inflatable for a 5k race, of course we said yes!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Check out our YouTube channel to see how simple it is to set up and take down a custom inflatable. In just minutes your race can be taken to new heights, literally! So, making the first step towards getting your own custom inflatable is easy. Just contact us here at Inflatable Design Group and we will take your idea and bring it to life in just a matter of weeks!