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Head to the Racetrack with an Inflatable Car

Start your engines!  Giant inflatable cars are a great way to bring attention to your business!  Get creative and work with IDG to customize an inflatable car!  

Show Off Your Products

Going to a tradeshow or event and want to show off your newest car model?  Custom inflatable cars are a great way to do that without the hassle of bringing a real, heavy car!   

custom inflatable product replicas
Custom Inflatable Chevy Tahoe Replica (left) and Dodge Ram (right)

Another great use of inflatable cars is replicating race cars.  IDG can turn any car into a custom inflatable that is incredibly accurate, down to the specific sponsors!  These custom inflatables are a great way to allow NASCAR fans to take photos and have a personal experience with their favorite race car.

custom inflatable race cars
Custom Inflatable Race Cars

IDG has over 20 years of experience replicating products and turning them into amazing, highly detailed giant inflatables.  Work with our team to turn your newest car model into a custom inflatable that can be used at your next event!  Our innovative craftsmen pay extreme attention to detail and will make sure your inflatable car looks just like the real thing.  The best part is that when you work with us you get to call the shots!  You pick the colors and dimensions!  Miniature, life-sized, or giant, IDG will make your custom inflatable to whatever specifications you desire.

Advertise with a Custom Inflatable Car

Looking for a creative way to advertise?  Try out an inflatable car!  Inflatable cars are giant and hard to miss.  Customize an inflatable race car with your company brand and display it outside your business to attract attention. 

custom branded inflatables
Custom Inflatable Company Branded Cars

An inflatable car is a great way to attract attention to your brand.  IDG can manufacture your custom inflatable as big or small as you would like.  A giant inflatable car displayed in front of your business or booth is very eye-catching and sure to attract customers. 

giant custom inflatables
Giant Custom Inflatable Cars Outside Business and On Company Booth

Another great thing about custom inflatable cars is that they are lighter than real cars.  This allows you to transport them more easily and they are easier to display in creative ways.  For example, in the below picture you will see an inflatable spiderman car displayed on top of a building.  This would be very hard and expensive to do with a real car. 

custom inflatable spiderman car on comic book store
Custom Inflatable Spiderman Car

Inflatable cars also make great picture opportunities!  People will not be able to resist taking pictures with your custom giant inflatable.  Your brand awareness will increase once the photo is shared to social media!

giant custom inflatable monster truck for monster jam
Giant Custom Inflatable Monster Truck

Inflatable Car Products and Accessories

Inflatable Design Group also has experience making custom inflatable car products and accessories. 

Let people know you are open for business with a giant inflatable tire outside your auto-shop.  Or create some fun with an inflatable interactive football toss game designed to look like a stack of tires. 

giant custom inflatable tire and inflatable interactive game
Giant Inflatable Tire (left) and Tire Football Toss Interactive Game (right)

Our team can also perfectly replicate your car care products into giant inflatables.  We have worked with Mother’s to replicate their most popular products into giant inflatable bottles.  These inflatable bottles were displayed on top of Mother’s booth at the automotive equipment industry trade show SEMA. 

giant inflatable product replicas for mothers car care
Custom Inflatable Product Replicas for Mother’s Car Care

By displaying giant inflatable product replicas on top of their trade show booth, Mother’s was able to tower over their competition and stand out among the other thousands of company booths at the event.

Order Today!

Rush to the finish line and order your custom inflatable car or car accessories today!  All IDG’s custom inflatables are built with the highest quality materials so that they last for years.  Check out our FAQ for more questions about custom inflatables and the ordering process.

Get started and contact us at to get started.