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shark week with inflatable ocean animals

Get Ready for Shark Week with Custom Inflatable Ocean Animals

Everyone’s favorite weeklong tv programming about sharks is coming up.  There is no better way to let people get up close and personal with sharks than with custom inflatable ocean animal replicas by Inflatable Design Group.

Shark Week is a weeklong tv programming put on by Discovery Channel.  It has been an annual event since 1988.  This weeklong shark-centered tv program aims to educate the public about sharks and clear up any misconceptions people have about sharks.  Shark Week 2022 will be taking place the last week of July.   

Inflatable ocean animal replicas are a great way to educate people about their favorite ocean dwellers.

Chompie, The World’s Largest Inflatable Shark

We don’t know if he is actually the world’s largest inflatable shark, but he sure does make a splash.

 IDG had the pleasure of working with Discovery Channel on a unique Shark Week promotion.  This promotion involved creating a giant custom inflatable great white shark replica, named Chompie, that was designed to look like it was swimming through the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland. 

Chompie, the Giant Custom Inflatable Shark at the Discovery Channel Headquarters for Shark Week
Chompie, the Giant Custom Inflatable Shark at the Discovery Channel Headquarters

The inflatable shark, Chompie, consisted of 5 pieces, needed 10 blowers running consistently to keep it inflated, and was over 400 feet long.  Chompie took a whopping 11,750 yards of fabric to construct and made an appearance at the Discovery Channel headquarters multiple years to help promote Shark Week. 

As we said before, this giant custom inflatable shark activation made quite a splash and proved to be a successful way to promote Shark Week.  Talk to one of our sales representatives today to start designing your own inflatable promotional activation!

Interactive Educational Exhibits with Inflatable Ocean Animals

 Shark Week is all about educating about sharks, but with custom inflatable ocean animals, you can educate about all species.    

IDG has created custom educational inflatable activations for different organizations that help educate people on various ocean animals including the extinct Megalodon Shark, the endangered Coho Salmon, and a Gray Whale. 

Custom Inflatable Whale Interactive Exhibit and Inflatable Replica of Megalodon Jaws
Custom Inflatable Whale Interactive Exhibit and Inflatable Replica of Megalodon Jaws

Each of these custom inflatable ocean animal educational exhibits provided people of all ages with a unique and interactive way to learn about different ocean animal species.  IDG’s custom inflatable replica of the Megalodon Shark’s jaws was a fun way for people to see exactly how big the jaws of the now extinct Megalodon were.  The custom inflatable interactive exhibits of the Coho Salmon and Gray Whale allowed people to go inside the animals and learn about their skeletal system and inner workings. 

The inflatable Coho Salmon was part of a traveling educational experience put on by the Canada-based nonprofit Elephant Thoughts.  It was one of five inflatable marine animal educational exhibits.  You can learn more about this educational exhibit on our website

Elephant Thought's Custom Inflatable Interactive Salmon Exhibit
Elephant Thought’s Custom Inflatable Interactive Salmon Exhibit

Other Custom Inflatable Animals

Inflatable ocean animals aren’t all we make over at IDG.  We have made inflatable animal replicas of all types of animals including dogs, camels, and even giant inflatable spiders used to decorate the side of a rollercoaster. 

Giant Custom Inflatable Spiders on Rollercoaster at Six Flags
Giant Custom Inflatable Spiders on Rollercoaster at Six Flags

These custom inflatable animals have been used for different things including company grand openings, tradeshow booth decorations, and inflatable art sculptures. 

Order Your Custom Ocean Animals Today!

Inflatable Design Group’s team uses only the highest-quality materials to make all our custom inflatables.  Our sewing and creating team have a keen sense of detail and work hard to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  That being said, our current lead time on all custom inflatables is over 8 weeks.

Be sure to get started on your custom ocean animals today!  Contact our team at to get a free quote.  We look forward to working with you.