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robin hood annual benefit gala transporting attendees with inflatable clouds

Robin Hood Annual Benefit Gala: Transporting Attendees with Inflatable Clouds

For the second year in a row, Inflatable Design Group collaborated with David Stark Design to transform New York City’s Javits Center into an amazing immersive atmosphere for the Robin Hood Foundation’s annual fundraising gala.

The Robin Hood Benefit is a beacon of hope and unity, where dedicated individuals converge to champion the cause of combating poverty and supporting New Yorkers in need. As one of the world’s most impactful single-night fundraising galas, this event is not just a celebration, but a powerful testament to the spirit of collaboration”

“Tomorrow’s New York City – a Place Where the Sky Truly is the Limit”

Robin Hood is a charity organization that has been around since 1988.  Their goal is to alleviate poverty in New York City and also provide a relief fund for New York City area disasters.  They do this by developing programs and policies to help people get jobs, shelter, and education while also fundraising. 

Their biggest fundraising event is their annual Robing Hood Foundation Benefit Gala.  This event takes place at the New York City Javits Center and transforms the space to reflect the charity organization’s main goal of making New York City a better place.  This year they transformed the center into “Tomorrow’s New York City – a place where the sky truly is the limit”.

Custom Inflatable Clouds at Robin Hood Annual Benefit Gala
Custom Inflatable Clouds at Robin Hood Annual Benefit Gala

The Robin Hood Annual Benefit Gala took place on Monday, May 13th and had over 3,000 New Yorkers in attendance.  This year “the annual benefit raised $68.5 million, an increase of 6.5% in contributions over 2023’s annual event.  Since 1988, Robin Hood has invested nearly $3 billion to help New Yorkers permanently escape poverty over the last three decades” – Robin Hood website

As you can see, the gala was an outstanding success and included performances from Mumford and Sons as well as Post Malone.  You can read more about the success of the 2024 event and see more in action photos on the Robin Hood website.

IDG Makes 35 Inflatable Clouds to Transform the Javits Center

As mentioned before, this is the second year in a row that Inflatable Design Group has worked with David Stark Design and team to decorate the NYC Javits Center.  Last year our team made around 10 bespoke inflatables that resembled symbols of NYC and the Robin Hood brand (learn more about last year’s event in our blog).  This year, we were tasked with making 35 bespoke inflatables to transform the space. 

The Javits Center with Custom Event Inflatables
The Javits Center with Custom Event Inflatables

From inflatable clouds ranging 10-15’ tall to bespoke inflatable clouds made into a DJ platform, all 35 inflatable clouds IDG designed and manufactured for the Robin Hood event were unique and helped transform the space.  From concept to event setup, our team worked side by side with Dark Stark Design throughout the entire process. 

Throughout the event, different lights were cast onto the clouds and surrounding event area to change the atmosphere.  Overall, the 35 custom inflatable clouds helped add some dimension to the fundraising gala.

Robin Hood transformed more than 300,000 square feet of the Javits Center into a sensory journey. This event is powered by over 1,000 people working around the clock for 144 hours to build the space for over 3,000 guests. The cocktail hour was a world of black and white imagery, showing iconic New York City places and spaces. As guests transition to the dinner the environment was flooded with color and the sentiment of hope”

Robin Hood Pulls in More than $68.5 Million at 2024 Annual Benefit Gala,

Other Custom Event Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group has had the pleasure of working with David Stark Designs, and other clients, to bring to life custom event inflatables of different shapes and sizes.  Our talented team can bring virtually any vision to life!  Check out more examples of our work on our website and contact us at to learn more about how we can help elevate your next event.