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inflatable 5k arch custom

Run Into the Holiday Season with a Custom Inflatable 5K Arch

Tis’ the season of Turkey Trots, Santa Runs, and other holiday-themed 5ks.  Make sure your race day is picture perfect with a custom inflatable 5k arch designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.  The best part?  You can use your arch year after year! 

Provide a Photo Finish with your Custom Inflatable 5K Arch

Provide your runners with the perfect photo finish with a custom inflatable 5K arch.  IDG has many different styles and sizes of inflatable arches that are sure to get your finish line picture-perfect.

different types of styles for an inflatable 5k arch
Inflatable Angular Tube Arch (Left Top & Bottom), Inflatable Tube Arch (Top Right), Inflatable Square Tube Arch (Bottom Right)

Choose from an angular arch, tubular arch, square arch, and more!  View the different types of inflatable arches on our website.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  No worries!  Work with our team to create a custom-shaped inflatable entryway for your event!

Easy to Use and Versatile

One of the best things about inflatable 5K arches is that they are easy to use and versatile. 

On the day of your 5K you will have plenty of things to worry about and organize, with a custom inflatable 5K arch your finish or start line won’t be one of them!  IDG’s inflatable arches are extremely easy to set up.  They inflate within seconds and pack up into small packages, making them easy to move around and store when not in use.  Our team has even made a detailed step-by-step video showing you how to inflate and deflate your custom inflatable arch so that you have less to worry about on race day.  This video, along with other inflatable how-to videos, can be viewed on our YouTube channel and our website

custom inflatable 5k arch for Zoo Atlanta
Custom Inflatable 5K Arch for Zoo Atlanta

Inflatable 5K arches are also versatile.  Use it at your Turkey Trot this year and your non-profit race next year.  Add removable banners to your inflatable 5k arch for even more versatility.

inflatable entryways with removable banners for races
Inflatable Race Arches with Side Removable Banners (Top) and Hanging Removable Banners (Bottom)

Inflatable 5k arches can be made with removable hanging banners or side banners.  Both allow you to change out the signage on your arch for various events or event sponsors that may change over the years.  Removable banners are also a great way to use the same arch as your start and finish line! 

100% Customizable

As we have mentioned before, IDG’s inflatable 5k arches are 100% customizable.  You get to choose the shape, dimensions, and color of your inflatable arch!  Our team can match any company or team colors as well.  Visit our website for a list of fabric colors we have in stock.  Custom colors can be ordered but production time will increase.

IDG’s team can also digitally print any design or logo directly onto your custom inflatable!  This is a great way to increase brand awareness, make your finish line stand out, or remind people what cause they are racing for!

custom inflatable Colorado Rockies arch
Colorado Rockies Custom Inflatable Arch at a 5K (top) and On Game Day (bottom)

Order Your Custom 5K Inflatable Arch Today!

Ready to start customizing your own inflatable 5k arch?  Contact our team at to get started. Please keep in mind that our current production time is over 8 weeks.