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Promote Your Product with Sealed Units from IDG 2

Promote Your Product with Sealed Units from IDG

Sealed Units that Aren’t Your Average Inflatable

Here at Inflatable Design Group we specialize in creating out of the box inflatables for our clients. But we also do a smaller scale inflatable we like to call our sealed P.O.P (point of purchase) units. These inflatables are smaller in size and are similar to a balloon. Our inflatable sealed units are great for traveling ad campaigns, window displays, and much more. Pump up your next event with a custom inflatable AND a matching sealed unit! This is a great way to advertise your event or product through multiple inflatables. 

sealed unitsVariety of Events Needs a Variety of Products

Our sealed units are great for any event and can showcase a variety of products. Whether it is a trade show, charity walk, or sporting event your unit will stop people in their tracks. Place a sealed unit next to the register at check out in a grocery store, souvenir shop, or any other retail location and watch as your sales go out of the roof! Inflatable sealed units are a fun, interesting way to build up brand recognition and keep everyone coming back for more. 

sealed unitsSeal the Deal with IDG

Go above and beyond with your next advertising campaign with a sealed inflatable unit by IDG. Our sealed units are great if you’re on a budget but still want to make an impact on your customers. Here at IDG, we want everyone to have the perfect inflatable for their needs. That is why we work with our clients through the entire inflatable process to ensure a quality product. So try something new this summer and attract customers with an inflatable sealed unit. And don’t forget you can see even more of our awesome inflatables on our website. We can’t wait to help you design an inflatable of your own!