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Engaging Your Audience with Interactive Inflatables 2

Spotlight on Interactive Inflatables

Part Two

We are continuing our series on interactive inflatable options to consider for your next event.  Our previous article covered the inflatable snow globe, inflatable obstacle course and inflatable money machines.  This article will take a look at three more inflatable interactive products to consider.

Inflatable Stage and Movie Screen

Outdoor movies and concerts have made a significant comeback.  We can design a branded inflatable stage and/or movie screen for any event, large or small. 

Inflatable Misting Station

Inflatable misting stations are essential when heat and humidity are a factor.

Leave a lasting impression as event participants cool off in an inflatable misting station that is branded to your business.

Inflatable Games

If you really want to actively engage participants, then one inflatable interactive option to consider is an inflatable game.  These types of giant inflatables are popular with both adults and kids alike.  They are also among some of our most sought after military inflatables. We can design just about any type of inflatable game, which will proudly display your logo and colors. 

If you want to take your inflatable promotional strategy to the next level, then Inflatable Design Group (IDG) can help.  Our innovative inflatable interactive options are designed to engage both adults and children alike.  All are branded to your company and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.  IDG also offers other types of giant inflatables to help your business stand out including inflatable products, inflatable characters, inflatable promotional items and more.  Our custom inflatable experts will help design an effective inflatable marketing strategy for your business. Give us a call to learn more today.