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Spring into Summer with Custom Inflatables 10

Spring into Summer with Custom Inflatables

Spring Into Summer with Custom Inflatables

Summer is around the corner and the weather is getting hotter. People are wanting to spend more time outside. Welcome guests into summer with custom inflatables designed to your specifications by Inflatable Design Group!

Custom Inflatables are a Great Addition to Outdoor Events

Events are starting back up. With the weather getting warmer, many of them are outdoors. Impress guests with custom inflatables designed by Inflatable Design Group.

Custom Inflatables for Outdoor Events
IDG’s innovative team has worked with many artists and companies to bring their custom inflatables to life. Whether it is an art sculpture to showcase at an outdoor event or a stage set for a festival, we can make it happen!

One of the great things about custom inflatables is that they are easier and less expensive to transport than traditional types of advertising and art mediums.  In 2012 Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of collaborating with David LaChapelle for the global marketing campaign, Smirnoff Midnight Circus. For this project, IDG brought David LaChapelle’s interactive art installation You’re In My Head to life in the form of inflatables. Since they were inflatable, LaChapelle’s art installation was easy to transport between premiere events in Mexico City and Bangkok.

custom inflatables david lachapelle interactive art installation smirnoff midnight circus
IDG’s custom inflatables are a great way to add color and excitement to any outdoor event! Design your own custom inflatable art installation to impress guests or add a product replica custom inflatable to an event booth to increase visibility!

Hit the Ground Running with a Custom Archway

With gyms closed most of the last year many people took to exercising and running outdoors. Now it is time to put those skills to the test. Triathlons and 5ks are back!

custom inflatables race archway
Lead guests to the finish line with a fully customized inflatable archway. Our inflatable archways come in all shapes and colors. They can be customized to include the event name, sponsors, or anything you can think of!

With IDG’s custom inflatable archways you are sure to create a picture-perfect finish for contestants! Contestants will then post those pictures on social media, showing off your custom inflatable archway. This is a great way to get some free advertising for your company and sponsors! Work with Inflatable Design Group’s team to proudly display your company on a custom inflatable archway for all to see.

Cool Off Guests with Custom Misting Stations

After all that running guests are going to want to cool off. Cool event guests off with custom inflatable misting stations!

custom inflatables misting station outdoor events branded
Inflatable misting stations are a great way to get your brand out there and provide a space for sponsorships. They are easy to set up and can be fully customized by the Inflatable Design Group’s creative team to display your company logo and colors or event sponsor. Inflatable misting stations provide guests with an escape from the heat and will be a magnet for anyone looking to cool off!

Like our other custom inflatables, IDG’s misting stations are fully customizable! Want a singular arch misting station? We can do that! Want your misting station to look like a doghouse or other structure? We can do that too! When it comes to custom inflatables, no idea is too big or small for the Inflatable Design Group team! We love working with our clients to perfect their custom inflatables.

With 20 plus years of experience working with custom inflatables, Inflatable Design Group is prepared to exceed your expectations. Email to start on custom inflatables in time for summer and outdoor events!

Need inspiration for your custom inflatables? Check out some of our recent work and contact us now!