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custom inflatable misting station and tent

Stay Cool During the Summer with Inflatable Misting Stations and Tents

Stay Cool During the Summer with Inflatable Misting Stations and Tents

It is officially summer and the weather is heating up!  Stay cool and customize your very own inflatable misting station or tent.  Both are fully customizable when you work with the Inflatable Design Group team and are great ways to build brand awareness.  Inflatable misting stations and tents both have plenty of room to advertise your sponsors as well!

From outdoor corporate events to festivals, inflatable misting stations and tents are a great way to keep cool while showing off your brand.  Event attendees will love hanging out under a misting station with your brand on it or visiting your booth while enjoying the shade of your custom inflatable tent! 

Have Fun in the Sun with Custom Inflatable Misting Stations

Make the crowd come to you with a custom inflatable misting station at your next event.  IDG can create your inflatable misting station to be any shape, any dimensions, and any colors!  Event attendees will be thankful for the chance to cool off after being in the sun all day.   

custom inflatable misting stations branded
Custom Inflatable Misting Stations

Match your company colors and have your company logo or event sponsors digitally printed right onto your inflatable misting station!  Misting stations are great promotional products.  They are sure to stand out in a sea of company booths at any event!  People will seek out your misting station and are sure to remember your brand as the ones who helped them cool off.  You can even have brand representatives standing by to hand out flyers or goodie bags and create an even more lasting brand impression. 

Check out our youtube video on setting up and troubleshooting for inflatable misting stations. 

Escape the Sun with an Inflatable Tent or Pavilion

Stand out at your next tradeshow or other events with a customized inflatable tent or pavilion.  Work with the IDG team to customize your inflatable tent or pavilion with any brand, color, size, or style you want.  We can digitally print anything right onto your customized inflatable tent or pavilion.  The possibilities are endless when you work with IDG! 

custom inflatable tents and pavilions for company trade show or event booths
Custom Inflatable Tents and Pavilions

Inflatable tents and pavilions are a great way to make a lasting impression for your brand at any event, indoor or outdoor.  They stand out against other event booths and provide lots of shade at outdoor summer events.  You can use inflatable tents and pavilions as a check-in spot or as an advertising booth at a tradeshow as StateFarm did below!  Your inflatable tent or pavilion is sure to attract attention and bring in the crowds no matter the event or occasion!

statefarm custom inflatable pavilion tradeshow booth at comic con
StateFarm Custom Inflatable Pavilion at Tradeshow

Inflatable tents and pavilions are durable.  They can be used many times and can easily be transported from one event to another. 

We Make Vendor Tents Too!

 If a customized inflatable tent or pavilion is not quite what you are looking for, we make vendor tents and other event marketing products as well!

Work with an IDG sales rep to customize your vendor tent with a digitally printed logo or slogan.  We can match any company colors!  We also make other event marketing products such as customized table covers and promotional flags.  All are fully customizable and digitally printed. 

custom vendor tents, promotional flags, table cloth
Custom Vendor Tents, Table Covers, and Promotional Flags

Give your booth a polished look with a matching vendor tent, table cover, and promotional flag all designed by IDG!

Contact us today at to inquire about your custom misting stations, custom inflatable tent, or marketing products. 

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