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bespoke inflatable designs

The Power of Bespoke Inflatable Designs in Marketing Strategies

Nowadays, businesses need to use innovative and unique ways to get noticed and be remembered by their customers.  Bespoke inflatable designs brought to life by Inflatable Design Group offer a dynamic solution that not only grabs the attention of your consumers, and everyone around, but also drives tangible business results. 

Bespoke Inflatable Designs Increase Foot Traffic

Bespoke inflatable designs are a great way to increase foot traffic to your business.  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), businesses utilizing bespoke inflatable designs for advertising have, on average, a 30% increase in foot traffic.  This increase in foot traffic translates into an increase in brand recognition and more potential customers walking through the company doors which creates opportunities for increased sales and revenue.

Bespoke Inflatable Mascot for Ollie's Bargain Outlet Grand Opening
Bespoke Inflatable Mascot for Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Grand Opening

Popular bespoke inflatables that can help increase foot traffic are inflatable product replicas, inflatable mascots, inflatable logos, and more.  All of these inflatables are relatively small which means they inflate fast, take up minimal storage space when not in use, and can easily be transported to other locations. 

Increase Brand Recognition & Sales

As mentioned before, bespoke inflatable designs in marketing strategies are a wonderful way for companies to increase brand recognition.  In fact, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) released a study that 85% of consumers remember a brand or advertiser from unique promotional campaigns such as the use of custom inflatables. 

Bespoke Inflatable Product Replica for Freddy's Steakburgers
Bespoke Inflatable Product Replica for Freddy’s Steakburgers

Increasing brand recognition is a great way to create stronger customer retention and loyalty as it will encourage consumers to develop a deeper connection with brands that leave a lasting impression.

A study by Forbes also reported that proper use of inflatable promotions can lead to a 20% sales increase.

Show off your flagship item with custom inflatable product replicas or show off your unique logo with an inflatable logo replica!  See examples on our website and contact us to bring your brand to life.

Increase Social Media Engagement with Bespoke Inflatable Designs

Bespoke inflatable designs can also be used to increase social media engagement.  Custom inflatables, such as larger-than-life inflatable product replicas, serve as a fun photo opportunity and provide highly shareable content. 

Hop Knot IPA Custom Inflatable Beer Replica
Hop Knot IPA Custom Inflatable Beer Replica

Eventbrite reported that 75% of consumers feel inclined to share unique and visually appealing experiences on social media, such as giant custom inflatable replicas.  This is a great way to encourage consumers to post photos on social media and tag your brand which helps to amplify brand exposure and increase social media reach. 

Bespoke Inflatable Designs Provide a Great Return on Investment and are Cost-Effective

When compared to traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, radio and internet ads, and commercials, bespoke inflatables provide a remarkable return on investment.  According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) inflatables and other promotional products boast a lower cost per impression than conventional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and print ads. 

Mothers Car Care Bespoke Inflatable Product Replicas at SEMA Tradeshow
Mothers Car Care Bespoke Inflatable Product Replicas at SEMA Tradeshow

It has also been reported that when compared to traditional forms of advertising bespoke inflatable designs provide 10 times the visibility, traffic, and increase in sales!  Contact our team today to start customizing your inflatable creation and get more eyes on your brand!

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