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custom inflatable arches

Custom Inflatable Arches

Custom inflatable arches are a fun and exciting way to welcome people to your event or business.  Work with Inflatable Design Group and customize your own inflatable arch!


Custom inflatable arches are incredibly versatile.  They can be used for many events, indoor or outdoor.  Some common uses are:

  • Start/Finish line at races or marathons
  • Entrance for tailgates or sport’s team fan zones
  • Entrance gate to festivals or other events
  • And so much more!
Oklahoma State University Custom Inflatable Archway
OSU Custom Inflatable Tubular Angular Arch for Block Pary

Custom inflatable arches can be used at any event.  They are a great way to attract attention and direct people to important areas at your event.  They are also very easy to store and transport.  Once deflated, simply roll up your inflatable and pack it into the given bag and throw it into your car to transport it to your next event!  You can watch our video detailing arch inflation and deflation here.

.Inflatable Design Group has many different inflatable arch styles including tubular, square, and custom.

Tubular Arches

One of IDG’s most popular styles of inflatable arch is the tubular arch.  There are three types of tubular arches: tubular, tubular angular, and tubular square.  You can see an example of each in the picture below.

inflatable tubular arches for events
Tubular Square Inflatable Arch (top), Tubular Angular Inflatable Arch (bottom left), and Tubular Inflatable Arch (bottom right).

All three types of tubular arches are 100% customizable when you work with IDG.  They also all have plenty of space for signage and branding.  Inflatable tubular arches provide the option of digitally printing logos directly onto the custom inflatable or removable banner attachments. 

Removable banner attachments allow banners to be changed out.  Small banners and blast doors can be hung inside the arch or removable banners can be placed on the arch itself.  Removable banners on the arch are a great option if your company switches sponsors often.

inflatable arches with banners and blast doors
Custom Inflatable Tubular Arches with Blast Doors (Left) and Banner Attachments (right)

Square Block

Square block arches are also a popular arch style.  Like all inflatables manufactured by IDG, these arches are 100% customizable and will be made to your specifications.  Our team can match your colors and digitally print any graphic onto your custom inflatable arch. 

square block custom inflatable arches
Two Examples of Square Block Inflatable Arches

Square block arches are big and sure to attract attention.  They are a great way to welcome event-goers to festivals or lead fans to your fan zone.  Like all our custom inflatable entryways, they can be used indoor or outdoor and provide lots of space for signage and banners.  Square block arches look great everywhere, especially when designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group’s team of skilled craftsmen. 

Inflatable square block arches can also be added to an inflatable tunnel.  Check out some examples of inflatable arch and tunnel combos here.

Inflatable Arches with 3D Shapes

Both tubular and square block arches can be customized to include 3D shapes.  These added elements are a great way to ensure that your arch attracts attention and stand out.  Some common 3D shapes added onto arches are logos or sports balls.

custom inflatable entryways with 3d shapes
Custom Inflatable Arches with 3D Shapes

Custom Shape Inflatable Arches

Along with our standard inflatable arch styles, IDG can also make completely custom-shaped inflatable arches.

From giant inflatable logos to characters, any shape can be made into an eye-catching, giant inflatable arch. 

inflatable entryways for various events
Custom Shaped Inflatable Arches

Custom-shaped inflatable arches are a great way to welcome people to any event.  They can be used indoor or outdoor and are easy to transport and store! 

Tired of wrestling with a huge, heavy metal truss?  Then work with IDG to customize an inflatable arch for an easy and pain-free setup. 

Contact to get started on designing your inflatable arch today!

IDG has crafted other custom inflatable entryways and tunnels as well that can be seen on our website.