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types of promotional inflatables that will increase brand awareness

Types of Promotional Inflatables That Will Increase Brand Awareness

Stand out and capture the attention of your target audience with promotional inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group. 

Promotional inflatables are eye-catching and versatile marketing tools that can transform any campaign.  They have been proven to be highly effective at driving engagement and boosting brand visibility.  There are many different types of promotional inflatables that can be used to get eyes on your brand.

Bespoke Inflatables

All inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are made-to-order according to your specifications.  We can match any brand or company colors using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) and put any logo or design onto your bespoke inflatable.  We also can make your inflatable any size or shape you want whether its 8 feet tall or 40 feet tall!

Due to their unique shapes, colors, and sizes, promotional inflatables are inherently attention-grabbing.  They can be used in various settings, from trade shows and festivals to grand openings and promotional events.  The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reported that businesses that use promotional inflatables for advertising experience an average of 30% increase of foot traffic.  This significant boost in visibility shows how powerful inflatables can be in attracting potential customers.

Types of Promotional Inflatables

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group will work with you to design the perfect promotional inflatable for your brand or company.  We have many different types of promotional inflatables that are great for getting eyes on your brand and our team can also bring to life virtually any inflatable concept you can think of.

Inflatable Arches and Entryways

Inflatable arches and entryways are perfect for making a grand statement at events.  These inflatables can be customized with brand colors, logos, and messages, creating a memorable first impression for attendees.   They are great for sporting events, marathons, trade shows, and other community events.  They can be used to guide visitors and set the tone for the event.

Jack Links Bespoke Inflatable Archway
In Action Inflatable Jack Links Custom Arch

See more examples of inflatable entryways on our website.

Inflatable Product Replicas

One of the most popular promotional inflatables IDG makes are our larger-than-life inflatable product replicas.  These are a giant representation of a company’s products and they can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to draw attention and create buzz.  According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 85% of consumers remember the advertiser that uses promotional products such as custom inflatables, leading to higher customer retention or loyalty.

Inflatable Daybreak cocktail at event
Inflatable Daybreak Cocktail Can Replica

More inflatable replicas can be seen on our website.

Interactive Inflatables

Bespoke branded interactive inflatables such as obstacle courses and bounce houses provide an engaging way for customers to interact with a brand.  These inflatables are especially effective at family-friendly events and encourage participation which in turn can help create positive brand associations. 

Custom Promotional Inflatable Oreo Slide
Custom Promotional Inflatable Oreo Slide

Check out the different types of interactive inflatables we have made in the past on our website.

Inflatable Mascots and Characters

Inflatable mascots and characters bring a brand’s identity to life, making your brand more relatable and memorable.  These inflatables are popular at sports events, parades, community events, festivals, tradeshows, and more.  They can entertain the crowd and provide photo opportunities. 

Race Car Drivers Inflatable Replicas
Inflatable Race Car Drivers at Event

A study by Eventbrite revealed that 75% of consumers are likely to share an experience on social media, especially if your inflatable mascot is unique and visually appealing. 

See examples of inflatable mascots we have made for various brands and teams on our website.

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