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how to use inflatable animals at your next event

How to Use Inflatable Animals at Your Next Event

Whether they are extinct, endangered, mythical, or living IDG can bring any animal to life with inflatable animals!  Use your inflatable animal for educational, entertainment, promotional purposes, or more at any event throughout the year!

Teach About Animals with Educational Inflatables

Work with IDG to bring extinct, endangered, or living animals to life in the form of giant interactive inflatables that can be used for educational displays!

Recently, IDG worked with a Canadian charity, Elephant Thoughts, to create a traveling educational program that aimed to teach children about endangered species.  This program was called Zoo Guts and consisted of 5 inflatable animals: a polar bear, salmon, duck, snail, and turtle.

educational inflatables teaching about endangered animals
Educational Inflatables Teaching About Endangered Animals

These inflatable animals were equipped with removable inflatable organs and a digitally printed photo of the animal’s skeleton.  Participants were able to enter inside the endangered animals where they could assemble their organs and view the animal’s skeletal system.  This provided a fun, immersive, and memorable educational experience.

IDG has also created inflatable whale replicas that, like the Zoo Guts exhibit, allow participants to enter inside the giant marine animal and learn about its inner workings.  These educational inflatable animals   We have also created educational inflatable animals that were used for presentations such as an inflatable replica of the now-extinct sunfish and a megalodon jaw. 

inflatable replicas of living and extinct animals for educational exhibits
Interactive Inflatable Whale (bottom), and Inflatable Megalodon Jaw (top left) and Sunfish Replica (Top right)

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Dress Up Your Stage with Inflatable Animals

Another popular use for custom inflatable animals is using them as stage props or stage sets.  IDG’s talented team has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to create inflatable animals that made appearances during ballets, concert tours, and even music festivals. 

animal inflatable stage sets for music festivals, concerts, and ballets
Inflatable Dragon for Forbidden Kingdom Music Fest (top left), Inflatable Cat Stage for Katy Perry Concert Tour (top right), Inflatable Caterpiller for Ballet (bottom left), and Inflatable Lion Stage Set for Music Festival (bottom right)

From an 18’H inflatable caterpillar used during a ballet to a mythical inflatable dragon that breathes smoke used as the center of a music festival, IDG has done it all.  Custom inflatables and inflatable animals make the perfect stage props as they are easy to set up and takedown.  When deflated, they pack up into surprisingly small packages and are lighter than traditional materials used for stages which makes it easier and cheaper to transport them to different cities for your concert tour.

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Bring Your Art to Life with Custom Inflatables

Inflatable art sculptures are a great way to bring your animal art to life.  IDG has worked with many artists and companies to bring their visions to life in the form of artistic inflatable animals.  Our team has created a giant pigeon that sat outside an art museum, an inflatable elephant with zebra stripes, a rainbow octopus, and more!

inflatable art sculptures at museums and more
Inflatable Animal Art Sculptures

Inflatable animals make great exhibits at museums as they are easy and simple to set up.  They also can easily be packed away and transported to other museums for traveling art displays.  Also, the sky is the limit when you work with custom inflatables!  IDG’s talented team can take any vision and create an amazing, highly detailed inflatable!

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Inflatable Animals for Promotions and Advertising

Most inflatable animals IDG makes are for promotional purposes.  Whether that is a giant inflatable cat mascot for a big university or a small inflatable elephant for a local dentist’s office, IDG has created inflatable mascots, replicas, and promotional animals for companies of all sizes. 

inflatable mascots for university and small businesses
Inflatable University Mascot (left) and Kid’s Dentist Mascot (right)

Inflatable animals are a great way to bring attention to your brand or business.  They inflate within a matter of minutes and pack up into small packages making them easy to store and transport to various events throughout the year.  Custom inflatables can be displayed at your trade show booth, on the roof of your business, at a community event, and so much more! Plus, custom inflatables designed by IDG are a great return on investment because they last for years!

inflatables used at trade shows, on roof of store, and outside museum
Inflatable Animals Used to Promote Businesses

When you work with IDG you call all the shots.  You get to decide what size and shape your custom inflatable is.  Our team can match any colors and bring any vision to life with custom inflatables.  We have worked with companies of all sizes and will help you design your custom inflatable animal to fit your budget.

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Order Today!

Inflatable animals have many uses.  IDG can bring any animal to life, living, mythical, or extinct!  Our team uses nothing but the best quality materials available in the industry so that your finished custom inflatable will withstand wear and tear and last for years. 

For more questions about custom, inflatables check out our FAQ page.  Ready to order?  Email us at for a free quote!