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Using Custom Inflatables to Boost Your Non-Profit Sponsorship Packages 1

Using Custom Inflatables to Boost Your Non-Profit Sponsorship Packages

Non-profit organizations are challenged with finding ways to make their fundraising events not only fun and engaging for participants but enticing for sponsors.  The availability of sponsorship dollars is limited, so non-profit organization event organizers are tasked with finding ways to make their sponsorship opportunities more valuable to potential donors.

Many non-profit organizations are including branded custom inflatables in their higher end sponsorship packages. Not only are custom inflatables fun for participants, but they offer an excellent branding and advertising opportunity for event sponsors.  Let’s take a look at some popular branded custom inflatables to consider for your next event.

Inflatable Entranceways

Inflatable entranceways are an excellent way to welcome participants.  These branded custom inflatables can include company logos and verbiage designed to give your sponsors heightened visibility.  Best of all, our inflatable entranceways can be designed in any shape or size to fit your needs.

Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable mascots are a hit with children and adults alike!  They are extremely recognizable and larger than life. We develop inflatable mascots for all types of companies and brands. If your title sponsor is a company with a mascot, offering this type of custom inflatable as part of their sponsorship package can be an enticing added benefit. 

Inflatable Products

Inflatable products are also fun and engaging.  We create custom inflatable products for all types of companies seeking to reinforce their brands.  Nothing sweetens a sponsorship package like offering potential sponsors a larger than life replica of their product(s)!

Branded custom inflatables add excitement to your non-profit organization fundraising event and more value to your sponsorship opportunities. Inflatable Design Group (IDG) has been an industry leader in branded custom inflatables and other types of inflatable products – including inflatable mascots and inflatable entranceways – for more than two decades. Our experienced team of creative specialists design our custom inflatables to not just stand out but stand alone.  Give us a call for a free estimate today!