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inflatable design group is thankful for you

We Are Thankful For You!

It is the week of being thankful and we want to let all our clients know how thankful we are for you.  Without our clients, we would not be here.  Our whole team truly loves working with our clients and helping make their visions come to life in the form of beautiful custom inflatables. 

Let’s look back at some of the amazing inflatable creations we have had the pleasure of working on this past year.

Disney+ Day

Our most recent project was creating custom inflatables for Disney Plus Day 2021.  These custom inflatables traveled across the United States, starting in New York, stopping in Nashville, and ending in Los Angeles.  The custom inflatables even went international!  They popped up in countries such as France, Brazil, and Denmark in preparation for the 2nd anniversary of Disney Plus Day.

custom inflatables in los angeles for disney+ day
Custom Inflatables in Los Angeles for Disney+ Day 2021

Check out a video of the inflatable activation around the world here.

Adult Swim, Tuca & Bertie

Another huge project IDG worked on this year was Adult Swim’s Tuca & Bertie giant floating activation.  Adult Swim picked up the tv show Tuca & Bertie from Netflix after they canceled it after one season.  To promote the show’s 2nd season, which premiered on Adult Swim in June 2021, IDG created giant custom inflatable character replicas of the show’s title characters, Tuca and Bertie, hanging out on pool floats.  Two sets of these characters were made.  Both sets were set up on giant barges and pulled by a tugboat up and down the coast of Los Angeles and New York. 

custom inflatable cartoon character replicas of tuca and bertie in new york harbor
Tuca & Bertie Custom Inflatables In New York

This fun inflatable activation was a hit and posted all over social media, making Adult Swim’s campaign a success. 

Read our success story on the custom inflatable floating activation here.

Brothers Osborne

Congratulations to Brothers Osborne for winning Vocal Duo of the Year at this year’s Country Music Awards.  IDG had the pleasure of helping create custom inflatable skulls of the duo that traveled around the country during their “We’re Not for Everyone” tour.   

brothers osborne custom inflatable stage set
Custom Inflatable Skulls for Brothers Osborne Tour

These skulls were modeled after the singing brothers.  Find out why custom inflatables make the perfect stage set for traveling tours here.

Inflatable Product Replicas

Every year IDG replicates products into giant, highly detailed inflatables.  These product replica inflatables are used to advertise brands or new products outside of businesses, at tradeshows, at festivals, and more!  This year was no different.  Our team worked with big companies such as King’s Hawaiian and small companies such as Two Roads Brewing to replicate their flagship products into beautiful custom inflatables.

inflatable product replica for two roads brewery
Two Roads Custom Inflatable Daybreaker Can

Check out more of our inflatable product replicas here and find out how inflatable product replicas can help increase your business here.

Thank You!

Once again, the entire Inflatable Design Group team is thankful for you and all our clients.  Our team has over 25 years of experience and uses nothing but the best materials on the market to make your ideas come true.  We enjoy working with new and returning clients to create amazing, one-of-a-kind, custom inflatables again and again. 

Thank you for another successful year and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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