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custom shaped inflatable

What is a Custom-Shaped Inflatable?

A custom-shaped inflatable is an inflatable that is made to order and manufactured according to our client’s needs and specifications.  Every custom-shaped inflatable manufactured by Inflatable Design Group is unique and fully customizable.  Our team has over 30 years of experience in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry and can take virtually any vision and bring it to life as a custom-shaped inflatable.  To learn more about the manufacturing steps and how a custom inflatable goes from a concept to reality, read our blog about the inflatable robot stage prop we made for Rob Zombie.

Inflatable Design Group uses vinyl-coated nylon for all our custom-shaped inflatables.  Our inflatables are all sewn in-house and are cold air inflatables which means they need a blower running continuously to keep them inflated as they are not sealed.

Inflatable Design Group can make your custom-shaped inflatable in any size, shape, or color.  Custom-shaped inflatables can be used for advertising, entertainment, event décor, at promotional events, and more!  Find out more about some of the types of custom-shaped inflatables our team makes below!

Giant Inflatable Product Replicas

From family-owned craft breweries to large international entertainment corporations, Inflatable Design Group has worked with companies of all sizes to create custom inflatable product replicas.  These inflatable product replicas have been used in various ways to build brand awareness, increase business, promote new products, and more! 

Inflatable Product Replicas for Mother's Car Care at SEMA
Inflatable Product Replicas for Mother’s Car Care at SEMA

See more custom inflatable product replicas and get more ideas on how you can use them to increase business on our website!

Other Custom-Shaped Advertising Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group also makes custom inflatable mascots and inflatable logo blocks.  These custom-shaped inflatables can also be used in various ways to build brand awareness and increase business at sponsored events or at your store. 

Inflatable Logo Replicas for NFL
Inflatable Logo Replicas for NFL

Learn more about custom-shaped advertising inflatables on our website.

Inflatable Entryways

Hosting a 5k or music festival?  Welcome eventgoers with an inflatable entryway, customized to show off your event or company branding!  You can even add removable banners so you can change out the signage and use your inflatable entryway year after year! 

Buffalo Wing Festival Custom-Shaped Inflatable Entryway
Buffalo Wing Festival Custom-Shaped Inflatable Entryway

From inflatable tunnels to inflatable arches and more, Inflatable Design Group has an extensive collection of inflatable entryways.  We can also work with you to create a completely custom-shaped inflatable entryway that matches your team or company’s brand!  Check out examples on our website and reach out to our team to get started! 

Entertainment Industry Inflatables

From musical artists to production companies, Inflatable Design Group has worked with many companies and artists to create custom-shaped inflatables for the entertainment industry.  These custom inflatables have been used at movie promotions, pop-up activations, concert stage sets, and more!

Custom Shaped Inflatable Stage Set for Don Toliver
Custom Shaped Inflatable Stage Set for Don Toliver

Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can bring virtually any vision to life in the form of a high-quality custom-shaped inflatable.  Our team will work with you to inflate your concept!  Check out some examples of our work and get in contact with us to learn more about how Inflatable Design Group can elevate your next concert tour, movie premiere, and more!

Interactive Inflatables

Another popular category of custom-shaped inflatables our team designs and manufactures are our interactive inflatables.  From inflatable games to giant inflatable couches to custom-shaped inflatable slides, we have done it all!

Custom Inflatable Slide for Oreo

Inflatable Design Group has a large selection of inflatable games.  All of which are fully customizable and bespoke to your specifications.  We can also work with you to create a completely custom game or turn a specific vision into an interactive inflatable that can be used at events! 

More examples of interactive inflatables are on our website.

Other Custom Shaped Inflatables

As you can see, the sky is the limit with custom-shaped inflatables, especially when you work with Inflatable Design Group.  Our team of sales representatives, sewers, artists, and more are all extremely experienced and knowledgeable.  They all work together to bring any vision to life and not only meet your expectations but exceed them! 

Ready to get started on your own custom-shaped inflatable?  Email our team at and one of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.  Not sure exactly what you are looking for?  Our team will help you come up with ideas to accomplish your marketing goals!  You can also scroll through our website and look at past projects we have worked on for inspiration!