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custom inflatable brand activations

Inflatable Brand Activations to Connect with Your Target Audience

Work with Inflatable Design Group to create your own custom inflatable brand activation that can be used to connect with your target audience.  A brand activation is an event, campaign, or interaction that’s main goal is to generate brand awareness and create lasting impressions and connections with your target audience.  Brand activations can be anything that engages your audience and inflatable brand activations are a great way to ensure that your activation is portable, easy to set up, and durable.

Inflatable Design Group has worked with many companies, brands, and corporations to create custom inflatable brand activations that have helped achieve the goals of those organizations’ campaigns in various ways.

360 Experiences

One way to connect with your target audience is by immersing them into your brand’s world by providing a 360 experience.  Custom inflatable brand activations are an easy way to do this!

To promote the animated show Final Space, Adult Swim created a giant inflatable dome that looked like one of the show’s characters, Mooncake.  During a premiere event, this dome was inflated in Nashville, the hometown of the show’s creator Olam Rogers. 

Custom inflatable character shaped dome for Final Space premiere event in Nashville
Custom Inflatable Character Shaped Dome in Nashville for Final Space Premiere Event

During this event, attendees got to enter inside the giant inflatable character-shaped dome and immersive themselves into the world of Final Space.  Once inside, attendees got to watch the first two episodes of the show and sit in on a Q&A panel with the show’s creators. 

By providing attendees with a fully immersive 360 experience, Adult Swim and the creators behind Final Space were able to transport their fans into the world of the cartoon show and give them an experience they are sure to remember.

Solve Your Target Audience’s Problems with Inflatable Brand Activations

Another way to connect with your target audience and leave a lasting impression on them is by solving a problem they may have.  This can easily be done with a custom inflatable brand activation made for your brand!  One example of this is a custom inflatable misting station branded with the airline Southwest’s logo and company name. 

inflatable branded Southwest inflatable misting station at outdoor event
Custom Branded Inflatable Misting Station for Southwest

During summer outdoor events such as sporting games, music festivals, street fairs, and more, attendees may spend hours in the sun.  Give attendees a fun and cool place to cool off with a custom-branded inflatable misting station! 

By using your inflatable misting station at a large event you can use the opportunity to draw attention to your brand with an inflatable brand activation that is both fun and practical.  Check out more examples of our inflatable misting stations on our website and check out our YouTube channel for a video detailing how to set up your misting station. 

Make Learning Fun with Interactive Brand Activations

If you want your target audience to remember your brand, teach them something that is useful in a fun and interactive way.

Recently, IDG worked with the Florida Prevention Research Center to create an inflatable colon activation.  Florida Prevention Research Center takes the inflatable colon activation to various events to inform the public about the risks and signs of colon cancer.  The inflatable colon activation is interactive and allows attendees to walk through the colon tunnel while learning about the signs and effects of colon cancer with 3D displays and information cards.

Custom Interactive Inflatable Colon Activation for Educational Events
Custom Interactive Inflatable Colon Activation for Educational Events

To see more examples of our educational inflatables and other informative inflatable activations check out our website

Help Your Customers Do Good with Inflatable Brand Activations

Another great way to leave a lasting impression on your target audience and customers is by helping them do good.  For example, IDG worked with the beverage company Honest Tea to create the ‘world’s largest recycling bin’. 

30 Foot Tall Inflatable Recycle Bin for Honest Tea Event
30 Foot Tall Inflatable Recycle Bin for Honest Tea Event

This giant inflatable recycling bin was branded so everyone knew that it was provided by the Honest Tea company, and it was displayed in New York Times Square during the company’s The Great Recycle event.  The giant inflatable brand activation stood at 30 feet tall and had a hole on the side for people to put their bottles and cans in, allowing it to serve as an actual recycling bin.  All in all over 15,000 beverage containers were recycled during the event! 

Learn more about ‘the world’s largest recycle bin’ and Honest Tea’s event on their YouTube channel.

Order Today!

As mentioned before, inflatable brand activations are a great way to connect with your target audience and leave a lasting impression on them.  Inflatable Design Group’s team uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to bring virtually any custom inflatable concept to life!

Email us today at to get started on your own custom inflatable brand activation today!  One of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible and walk you through the entire customization and ordering process.