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custom raceway inflatables

Custom Raceway Inflatables

After many months of race days, the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will wrap up on November 6th, 2022.  Start preparing your team or company for next year’s cup series with custom raceway inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

From custom inflatable arches to inflatable racecar replicas, IDG can turn anything into a custom raceway inflatable.  Use your inflatables to help promote your team, product, or company on race day!   

Inflatable Race Cars

Down to the specific sponsorship stickers, IDG’s talented team of craftsmen can replicate any racecar and turn it into an impressive, highly detailed custom inflatable.    Your inflatable racecar replica can be life-size or bigger-than-life, it is up to you!

custom inflatable racecar replica
Custom Inflatable Racecar Replica

Inflatable racecars, or any car, replicas provide fans with a great photo opportunity.  They also can be displayed around the raceway community to get people excited for your big race or increase brand awareness. 

Another great benefit of inflatable racecar replicas is that inflatable replicas are lighter than real cars and can pack up small.  This makes it extremely easy to roll up your custom raceway inflatable and bring it on the road with you to whatever promotional events your team may attend.  Also, since inflatable cars are light relative to real cars, you can get creative with how you display your custom raceway inflatable.

inflatable spiderman monster car on building
Inflatable Spiderman Monster Car on Building

Whether you drive a racecar or giant truck for Monster Jam, IDG can help perfectly replicate it into a high-quality inflatable that you can use for years.  Visit our website’s inflatable cars, trucks, and automotive accessory replicas page to see some examples of our work.

Custom Race Way Inflatable Arches

Custom inflatable arches are also popular IDG custom raceway inflatables.  IDG can make inflatable arches in any size, shape, and color!  IDG has created inflatable arches of all shapes and sizes including an inflatable arch that looked like a giant tire and doubled as a fun photo opportunity on race day.

Amp Energy Custom Raceway Inflatables
Amp Energy Custom Raceway Inflatables

IDG has also created inflatable block arches that were used on the track during Monster Jam and smaller arches used to welcome fans to the raceway. 

Custom Block Inflatable Arches for Monster Jam
Custom Block Inflatable Arches for Monster Jam

Work with IDG to design your own custom inflatable arch that fits your needs.  Need ideas?  Check out examples of custom inflatable entryways we have made on our website.

Other Custom Raceway Inflatables

In addition to inflatable car replicas and inflatable arches, IDG has made lots of other custom raceway inflatables including giant inflatable race car drivers, inflatable trophy replicas, and inflatable car care replicas.

Inflatable Racecar Drivers and Giant Inflatable Monster Jam Trophy Replica
Inflatable Racecar Drivers and Giant Inflatable Monster Jam Trophy Replica

Just like our other custom raceway inflatables, all these inflatables serve as great race day photo opportunities for fans and event-goers. 

Order Your Custom Raceway Inflatables Today

As we mentioned before, IDG can bring any design or vision to life in the form of custom inflatables.  Custom raceway inflatables are a great way to increase brand awareness, thank your sponsors, and give fans a fun race day experience.

Ready to get started on your custom raceway inflatables?  Email your ideas to our team at to get a free quote.