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show off event sponsors and brand with inflatable product replicas

Show Off Your Event Sponsors and Brand with Inflatable Product Replicas!

Whether you are sponsoring an event or attending a tradeshow, inflatable product replicas and other inflatable advertising shapes by IDG are a fun and exciting way to make your brand stand out!

Inflatable Cans, Bottles, and Food

With over 25 years in the industry, IDG can turn any product into a highly detailed giant custom inflatable.

custom inflatable product replicas beer can
Community Beer Company Custom Inflatable Beer Can Product Replicas

Custom inflatable product replicas are an effective marketing tool for both small businesses and national brands.  They are a great way to show off new products or your company’s flagship products.  Event-goers are sure to remember your brand or product when they see a giant custom inflatable replica. 

Our innovative teams have replicated food products, cans/bottles, cars, and more.  From 5 feet to 30 feet, IDG can manufacture your inflatable product replica to any dimension!  Inflatable your product replica anywhere to show off what you have to offer and increase visibility. 

Freddy's Steakburgers giant inflatable
Freddy’s Steakburgers Custom inflatable Shake Replica

Inflatable cans, bottles, and food replicas can be displayed anywhere.  They are a great way to get your customers mouth-watering and their stomachs growling.  Display your custom inflatable outside your business, at a tradeshow, or even in a grocery store! 

Inflatable Logos

IDG also specializes in creating custom inflatable logos.  Like product replicas, inflatable logos are a great way to make sure your brand stands out and is remembered. 

NFL Inflatable Logo
NFL Inflatable Logo

Inflatable logos can be displayed anywhere and are 100% customizable.  Look at some of our inflatable logos here.

Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow

Tradeshows can have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of company booths.  Incorporate custom inflatable product replicas and inflatable logos into your marketing strategy to make sure you stand out from your competition at the next tradeshow you attend.

inflatable product replica displayed by event booth
Legends Custom Inflatable Product Replica Displayed by Event Booth

Inflatable replicas and logos are eye-catching and help build brand and product awareness.  Tradeshow attendees are sure to remember a brand or company booth with a giant custom inflatable displayed next to it.  At IDG we can turn any product or logo into a custom, highly detailed inflatable replica. 

Sponsor Advertising with Inflatable Product Replicas

Sponsoring an event and looking for a way to market your brand or product?  Custom inflatables are a great solution! 

Increase visibility to your business with a giant inflatable product or logo.  Giant inflatables are a great way to make sure your brand is remembered, and they provide consumers with a fun brand experience.  When you display your custom inflatable product replica or logo at your next sponsorship event, people are sure to take pictures with the giant inflatable, increasing brand awareness.  Find out more about how custom inflatables can bring visibility to your sponsorship here.

beer can giant custom inflatable
Custom Inflatable Beer Can Product Replica

The Big Game

Football season may have just started, but the big championship game is only a few months away.  Many companies will be hosting watch parties or other game day events and looking for event sponsorships.  Make the most of your event sponsorship by showing off your products and brand with a custom inflatable replica or logo.

custom inflatable trophy, nfl logo, football replica
Custom Inflatable Trophy, Logo, and Football Replica

Read more about how to utilize custom inflatables at football watch parties and other events here.

Order Today!

Incorporate custom inflatable product replicas and logos into your marketing strategy today to increase business.  Display your inflatable in front of your tradeshow booth, at your next sponsorship event, or even at your business.  Either way, your custom inflatable product replica is sure to attract attention and increase brand awareness. 

Get started on customizing your inflatable today!  Email our team at or visit our website to get a free quote