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Giant Inflatables for Automobile Dealerships

Giant Inflatables for Automobile Dealerships

Automobile dealership owners and marketers are always on the lookout for exciting and engaging opportunities to attract new customers.  Savvy advertising pros know that inflatable marketing is eye-catching, effective and affordable. Our next series of articles will discuss some of the different types of custom inflatables to consider. Let’s take a look:

Inflatable Cars

Inflatable cars are among some of our most popular inflatable product replicas. We can create this type of custom inflatable to fit a special promotion, incentive or event.  If you want to draw potential customers into your dealership, inflatable cars are ideal because they are larger than life and attract attention from long distances.

Inflatable Products

Inflatable products are engaging, fun, and designed to grab attention.  We create all types of inflatable products that are ideal for automobile dealerships including inflatable tires, oil cans, car batteries and more.  If another company is co-sponsoring an event, we can create custom inflatable products for cross-promotional purposes.

Inflatable Characters and Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable characters and inflatable mascots offer an interesting way to engage potential customers.  They are recognizable and perfect for photo ops. Just provide us with a photo or image of your mascot and our creative team will do the rest!

Our next article will look at three more types of custom inflatables to consider.

Inflatable Design Group (IDG) is a premier manufacturer of inflatable marketing products for both small businesses and national brands.  We have helped thousands of companies develop inflatable marketing strategies designed to drive customers to their doorsteps.  If you are seeking a unique and innovative way to boost your business, giant inflatables can help. Give your friends at IDG a call to learn more today!