Inflatable Pests and Creepy Crawlies Will Give Anyone a Fright 3

Inflatable Pests and Creepy Crawlies Will Give Anyone a Fright

Advertise Your Business or Protest a Cause with Inflatable Pests

Inflatables are so much more than bouncy castle and fly guys! Make your voice heard with custom inflatable pests that reflect your creative ideas. From Union Rats to Amusement Park Spiders, Inflatable Design Group is your one stop shop for all things creepy and crawly. Inflatables are great for any occasion and can really add a spooky element to your next event. Your very own custom creation will pull in curious customers while staying true to your brand image. Market smarter, not harder with some help from the IDG team. 

inflatable pests

inflatable pests
IDG has Creepy Crawlies for Just About Any Occasion

Let your freak flag fly with strange custom creations that will catch just about anyone’s attention. Whether you’re at an art festival, amusement park, or even a haunted house, your inflatable can be easily assembled at your desired location. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen will ensure that your inflatable is made to your exact specifications. In fact, the sky is the limit here at IDG. We work with you to help bring your design ideas into reality. Simply email us with your ideas and one of our awesome team members will work with you and present a mock up of your new inflatable. Think bigger than ever with larger than life custom inflatables.

Inflatable pests
Inflatable Pests Will Turn Any Event Into Something Perfectly Horrific

You decide how you want your custom inflatable to look! Use your imagination to dream up insects, rats, snakes or any other creepy crawly you can think of and turn them into a reality with IDG. Easy to install and store you can keep using your inflatable creation year after year. So, why not try out something new! Check out our website for more information or send us an email to We can’t wait to bring your creepiest designs to life!