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Bring your event to life with Inflatable Characters from IDG!

Crafty Creations

You can make or break your event with they ways in which you promote yourself. From movie premieres to concerts and more, every event leaves an impression on its’ attendees. Give your the event the wow factor with custom inflatable characters from Inflatable Design Group! Our team is passionate for the work they do with inflatables! In addition, our team has over 25 years of experience and produces the highest quality inflatables on the market. So, start your inflatable journey now. Find out why you need an inflatable character at your next event. 


Inflatable Characters Bring the Fun!

Inflatable characters are the greatest attention grabbers at any event. Spotting your favorite animated film character or childhood cartoon is always fun for everyone! So, design your inflatable character to be any size and tower over the crowds. Adding an inflatable character makes your event more lively and interactive for guests! Photo ops and selfies are endless in front of awesome inflatable characters from Inflatable Design Group. So, there is no better way to promote your event than with inflatable characters. Literally, bring your event to life and take your characters from the screen to reality. Promote your event on social media with sneak peak photo releases of the awesome inflatables you’ll have! Guests will go crazy looking at these stellar creations. In addition, you can remember your event for a lifetime with your inflatable creation. 

The Track Record

So, see for yourself the amazing work we do on our inflatable characters. We have worked with the Lego Batman and Kung Fu Panda movies to create unforgettable premieres. One of a kind character inflatables for fashion shows call our name. Any character, any event…Inflatable Design Group is the company for you! Our team’s dedication to the art of creating inflatables makes for the best end result. Follow your inflatable through its’ entire journey from start to finish. So, take the next step in creating an amazing event. Call now and design the inflatable of your dreams.