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Inflatable Custom Characters Brings Spiral, New Saw Movie, to Life 5

Inflatable Custom Characters Brings Spiral, New Saw Movie, to Life

Inflatable Custom Characters Brings Spiral, New Saw Movie, to Life

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It has been a few years since the last movie in the Saw film series came out.  When it was announced there would be a ninth film in the series, named by Forbes as one of the highest-grossing horror franchises of all time, everyone knew it would be huge.

How do you promote a new film with a huge following?  With a larger-than-life inflatable custom character designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group’s innovative team of course!

Inflatable Character Brings Buzz to Movie Premiere

Working with Lionsgate, Inflatable Design Group was able to bring Spiral: From the book of Saw to life in a big way.  The inflatable custom character was displayed on top of Diamond Supply Co. in downtown Los Angeles for the May 14th movie premiere and Diamond x Saw x 21 Savage merch collaboration. 

Character Inflatable from new Saw movie on Diamond Supply Co. in Los Angeles

At approximately 25 feet tall, the inflatable custom character towered over the Diamond Supply Co. building and could be seen for miles, drawing in crowds.  The character, referred to by the film crew as ‘Mr. Snuggles’, is the film’s new puppet taking place of the legendary Billy the Puppet from previous movies.  

Fans of the Saw franchise were eager to welcome the new puppet and see the inflatable custom character in person.  Even the movie director, Darren Bousman, made a trip out to see ‘Mr. Snuggles’.  Of course, lots of pictures were taken and shared on social media creating buzz about the film’s premiere.

mr snuggles custom inflatable character creates buzz on social media
‘Mr. Snuggles’ Created lots of Buzz on Social Media Before Movie Premiere

Inflatable Characters Attract Fans

Inflatable custom characters are a great way to take your character from screen to reality and get fans excited.  Fans from all over will love taking pictures of your larger-than-life inflatable character replica, creating a fun and interactive experience.  Nothing grabs attention more than a huge inflatable custom character!

Mr. Snuggles from Spiral is just one example of a character Inflatable Design Group has replicated. We have also created inflatable custom characters for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Epic Games, just to name a few.

epic games and adult swim custom character inflatables
Rick Character Inflatable from Adult Swim tv show Rick and Morty and Durr Burger inflatable from Epic Game’s popular Fortnite

Inflatable custom characters are an affordable solution to building brand awareness and a great way to immortalize your character in a larger-than-life way.  From 5 feet to 50 feet tall, Inflatable Design Group’s creative team can make your character come to life in any shape or size. 

Stand out at festivals and events with inflatable custom character replicas.  Want to draw crowds to your booth at Comic-Con?  Traveling around the country for a tradeshow?  Inflatable custom characters are the visual marketing tool you need!  Not only do they draw attention, but they are also easy to set up, take down, and transport!

Inflatable custom characters are also a great way to bring your mascot to life!  If you are a sports team or a company looking for a creative way to advertise, work with IDG to create a larger-than-life inflatable custom mascot!  There is no better way to attract new customers or build team spirit than with a giant custom inflatable mascot!

Custom Character Inflatables Bring your Team or Company Mascot to Life

With over 20 years of experience, Inflatable Design Group makes accurate character replicas of the highest quality.  From design to inflation, our team will be with you every step of the way.  Leave a lasting impression at your next event or premiere with a giant inflatable custom character manufactured by the IDG team!

Get started on your inflatable custom character today!  Contact us now for a quote!

Character replicas are not the only thing we specialize in!  Look at our website for other examples of our work

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