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Help Find a Cure for Colo-rectal Cancer with Inflatable Colon Tunnels 4

Help Find a Cure for Colo-rectal Cancer with Inflatable Colon Tunnels

Colo-rectal cancer is the second leading cauce of cancer related deaths in the US and you can bring awareness to this silent killer with inflatable colon tunnels. Inflatables are a great addition to your next event! Whether you are showing students at the local university or at a pharmaceutical trade show. In fact, our inflatables will help you catch anyone’s eye.

inflatable colon tunnels

Customize Your Inflatable Colon Tunnel for Your Message

We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom inflatables that fit our customer’s every need. Whether it is through air brushing, digital printing, velcro signs, and so much more, we can make your inflatable colon tunnels as realistic and informative as possible. Take your event to the next level with an inflatable colon that is educational but also represents your company! Our signage and digital printing are great for sponsorship banners or informative placards. Add in some in-colon shelving to display videos or use it as a note taking surface for class trips. Whether you are advocating for those with incurable bowel diseases or looking for a cure for colo-rectal cancer, here at IDG we can reflect this through your inflatable. All of our inflatables are a made-to-order which means we don’t start production until your request comes into our facility.

Teaching Has Never Been Easier With Inflatable Design Group

Inflatable Design Group is your one stop shop for all of your promotional and marketing needs. Raise money and awareness with inflatable medical tunnels! We do more than just colons, check out our brains, knees, and so much more on our website HERE. Take the medical world by storm and create an interactive experience that will engage and educate your audience.