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An Inflatable Colon Makes Information Easier to Digest 3

An Inflatable Colon Makes Information Easier to Digest

Turn Your Body Inside Out  with Interactive Exhibits

The colon or large intestine is susceptible to a variety of diseases. From colocrectal cancer to ulcerative colitis, it is important to inform the public about the symptoms and dangers of these illnesses. If you are looking to educate or bring awareness then we have the perfect inflatable for you! An inflatable colon is an interactive exhibit that gives people the opportunity to physically see the symptoms of these illnesses. Add on polyps or irritated tissue to illustrate the effects of cancer or IBS on the large intestine. IDG can help you showcase the most important information and educate the masses in a memorable way.

inflatable colon

Raise Awareness with Inflatable Design Group!

Inflatable Design Group is your one stop shop for all your inflatable needs. With over 25+ years of experience, our expert craftsmen can provide you with a completely customized piece. A popular trend right now is adding lighting to the inside of medical exhibits in order to provide emphasis to important areas. In addition, we can also print or airbrush labels to vital areas. Or as an alternative we can include loops for you or your organization to hang informational signs or placards. As you can see, the possibilities for displaying information are endless. You can also advertise for non-profits or cancer research centers with their logo on the outside of the colon. Here at IDG customization is key which is why we work with you to design and create an inflatable that matches your exact specifications. 

Bring Images to Life with a 3D Interactive Inflatable Colon

Take 2D images of the large intestine and turn it into a larger than life size interactive exhibit. If you are looking to get the attention of a wide audience than an inflatable colon is for you! They help spread important information in a fun memorable way all while saving lives. Want more information on how to spread awareness with your very own inflatable? Check out our website HERE or send us an email to 

inflatable colon