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Circular Money Machines Make Promotions Easier! 3

Circular Money Machines Make Promotions Easier!

Every event is an opportunity to reach out to our audience and grab new customers! Make your company or product stand out with circular money machines. Everyone loves two things: competition and free stuff! So why not put together the two into a fun game that just about anyone can enjoy.

circular money machines

Your Circular Money Machine will BLOW the Competition Away

Inflatable circular money machines are a great way to interact personally with your ideal audience. You can fill your money machine with just about anything. Use product discounts or coupons to get those returning customers. Or raise the stakes with real cash and everyone will want to stop by. This gives you the opportunity to talk to a wide audience and educate everyone about your company, product or idea. Money machines are popular outside of music venues, at trade shows or sporting events!

Here at Inflatable Design Group we pride ourselves on our ability to customize every order! Our highly skilled craftsmen can turn a simple money machine into something exciting. So, get double the advertising opportunity with your money machine! Customize your inflatable to really represent your brand. We can digitally print your logo, mascot, slogan, etc to your inflatable. We also airbrush in house and can create unique works of art on your custom circular money machine.

Quit Running in Circles and Contact IDG Today!

circular money machines

What are you waiting for? Inflatable Design Group is your one stop shop for all of your inflatable needs. In fact, inflatables are great for every event because they are easy to set up, portable, and most importantly fun! We’ve worked with radio stations, air lines (like Spirit!), and big brand companies like Bounty to create custom machines that increase brand awareness and are plenty of fun!