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Inflatable Money Machines will Have You Rolling in the Dough 2

Inflatable Money Machines will Have You Rolling in the Dough

Rake in Cash with Inflatable Money Machines

The holiday season is almost here which means families, friends, and everyone else will be out and about! Now is the perfect opportunity to really advertise your company, brand, or product! Inflatable Money Machines are a creative solution to all of your marketing needs. Turn your inflatable money machine into a product replica! In fact, here at IDG we can turn any product into an eye catching inflatable. Just check out this custom Mountain Dew Can we did recently for the University of Utah. As you can see, Money Machines are a great way to interact with your target audience and make a lasting impression. 

money machines
You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for Innovative Marketing Ideas

Inflatables are THE best investment for your advertising needs. Inflatable Design Group can provide you with a high quality inflatable that will last, use after use! In addition, inflatables are extremely versatile and can be set up just about anywhere. Inflatables are easy to inflate and even easier to store which makes transporting your creation from location to location much simpler! Or get multiple money machines and take your campaign nation wide. There is no limit to what you can do with inflatables from Inflatable Design Group. 

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Inflate Your Cash Vault with IDG

Overall, inflatables are a fun, unique method to increasing your company’s visibility. Each inflatable is custom made to your exact specifications which means the sky is the limit! So, let your imagination run wild and we’ll take care of the rest! Check out our website for all of the money machines we have done in the past! Want to know how to get your hands on your very own custom creation? Send us an email to