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Don't be a Square Get Your Square Money Machines from IDG! 2

Don’t be a Square Get Your Square Money Machines from IDG!

In an age of social media, it’s important to try to engage your audience in a way that interactive and shareable. Here at Inflatable Design Group we have the PERFECT solution. Inflatable Square Money Machines are a great way to promote your product and keep your audience engaged. Money machines are great for trade shows, street marketing, or just about anywhere else. You can fill your money machine with all of your promotional goods. From real money to discount codes, coupons, or free tickets you can turn your money machine into a fun time for every audience.

IDG Will Help You Mix Up Your Marketing

We pride ourselves on providing quality inflatables that will last you through any occasion. That is why we specialize in creating custom orders that will fit your every need! No more renting out generic inflatable square money machines that leave passerby’s wondering “what was that again?”. Here at Inflatable Design Group, we will work with you to create an inflatable that properly promotes your company/product and increases recognition from your audience. Whatever your logo, slogan, colors, etc we can translate them onto your one of a kind inflatable square money machine. Don’t stop with just the square, no matter your product or idea we can turn it into an interactive marketing platform that is perfect for every occasion.

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Think Outside of the Box with Inflatable Money Machines

So, the next time your company is looking to promote themselves try something new with Inflatable Design Group! We will help you turn your next marketing move something unique. Our inflatable square money machines are custom made with your logo, mascot, colors, slogans and so much more! We even do other shapes as well! In fact, check out our website HERE for all of the our awesome money machines. Don’t see exactly what you need? Don’t worry! Feel free to send us an email with your ideas and we’ll make some inflatable magic happen.