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Inflatable Replicas

Elevate your company’s marketing strategy by investing in a
high-quality, highly detailed inflatable replica designed and manufactured by
Inflatable Design Group. IDG can perfectly replicate any animal, beverage,
food, car, or other product into an attention-grabbing, realistic inflatable

 Check out the categories below for examples of our previous
inflatable replicas.  Ready to order?  Email us at

Inflatable replicas are easy to set up, take down, store, and transport.  Use your inflatable replica to advertise at tradeshows, grand openings, festivals, expos, and more.  Display your custom inflatable by your event booth to stand out from your competition and attract people to your booth.

IDG can replicate any product and work with any budget!  From giant international corporations to local craft breweries, IDG has worked with businesses of all different sizes to replicate their products into amazing inflatable replicas.

IDG uses the highest-quality, extremely durable material to create all our custom inflatable replicas.

With proper cleaning and care, IDG’s custom inflatables can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.