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Inflatable Angular Tube Arches

Welcome eventgoers to your next special event with custom inflatable angular tube arches designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

Hosting a marathon, fan festival, or other event? Inflatable angular tube arches are a great addition to any event as they are eye-catching and provide a warm welcome. Use your inflatable angular tube arch as the start or finish line at your next race or as the entryway to your next block party. Either way, everyone will know where to go thanks to your custom inflatable angular tube arch.

Inflatable arches are extremely easy to set up. They inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes and pack up small so that they don’t take much storage space and easily be transported to various events.

Inflatable Angular Tube Arches are Versatile!

Inflatable angular tube arches are versatile and can be used at various events throughout the year. Plus, IDG makes all their custom inflatables with the highest-quality materials in the industry. This means that, with proper cleaning, your custom inflatable arch can last for up to 10 years and be used repeatedly!

Some popular uses for inflatable angular tube arches are:

  • Start and Finish lines at races
  • Festival Entrances
  • Fan Zone Entrances
  • Recruitment Event Entrances
  • And more!

Add even more versatility to your inflatable angular tube arch by including removable banners! Removable banners are easy to switch out and allow you to switch out your inflatable arch signage for different events. For example, use the same arch for your start and finish lines by simply switching out the banners or use your arch to welcome new students to campus with removable banners with the year! Removable banners are also a great way to advertise your event sponsors that may change year after year. Ask your sales representative about removable banners when placing your order.

Customize Your Inflatable Arch

Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable arch. Our team can match any team or company colors and digitally print any signage directly onto your custom inflatable arch. We can also make your inflatable angular tube arch any size you want! We can also help you design the perfect inflatable arch that fits within your budget.

Get started on your custom inflatable angular tube arch today! Email us at