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Inflatable Art Installations

Work with Inflatable Design Group to bring your art to life and make a statement with inflatable art installations and displays. Send us your idea, dimensions, and colors and we will bring your art to life in the form of a highly detailed, eye-catching inflatable art piece.

IDG is known for its high-quality, highly detailed custom inflatable creations. We have worked with many artists and museums to bring their artistic ideas to life in the form of inflatable art installations.

When you work with IDG, you have complete creative power. Upon contacting our team, our creative department will use state-of-the-art 3D imagine software to visualize your idea into a design concept. This 3D rendered concept will include your specified coloring and dimensions so that you can see how your inflatable art will look once completed. After the concept is approved, our experienced craftsmen will begin crafting your inflatable creation. Then your inflatable will go back to the creative department for artistic touch-ups.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, an experienced sales representative will be with you at every step of the way to ensure that all your inflatable art installations exceed your expectations upon completion.

Make a Statement with Inflatable Art Installations

Art is all about making a statement and inflatable art installations do just that. IDG can turn ANY design, no matter the complexity, into an amazing inflatable art installation. Plus, inflatable art installations can be as big or as small as you want!

Work with IDG to bring to life your highly detailed art sculptures or use a giant inflatable in a satirical picture. You can even step out of the box and utilize air as an added element in your artwork by messing around with inflation and deflation during your art show.

Pros of Inflatable Art Installations

One of the biggest benefits of inflatable art installations is the creativity it allows. IDG can bring any design or concept to life with custom inflatables, no matter how complex or weird it is!

Another huge benefit of inflatable art installations is that they are easy to transport for traveling exhibits. Once deflated, inflatables are lighter and easier to store than traditional materials used for art installations. This makes it easy to transport them to different shows and, since all IDG inflatables are made with the highest-quality materials, you do not have to worry about your inflatable art being damaged during transit.

Inflate Your Art

Artists take pride in their art pieces. That is why many artists choose IDG to help turn their art concepts into an inflatable reality. Our team enjoys working with artists and guiding them through the custom inflatable process to deliver a one-of-a-kind, unique inflatable creation that will last for years.

Ready to get started on your inflatable art installation? Contact our team today at