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Inflatable Cans, Bottles, and Cups

Create a refreshing experience for your customers with custom inflatable bottles, cans, and cups designed by Inflatable Design Group.  Our team can accurately replicate any product to any size!

Giant inflatable replicas are eye-catching, help build brand recognition, and help you stand out in a crowd!  IDG’s team can accurately replica any product, including bottles, cans, and cups!

Use your inflatable bottles, cans, and cups at various events such as:

  • State Fairs
  • Food Expos
  • Tasting Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Grand Openings
  • Marathons
  • Sporting Events
  • And more!

Stand Out with Inflatable Bottles, Cans, and Cups!

Is your company attending a tradeshow, expo, festival, or other events with lots of exhibitors and competition?  Stand out from the rest and attract people to your booth by displaying giant inflatable bottles, cans, and cups!

IDG can perfectly replicate your product into an inflatable bottle, can, or cup that is any size!  Whether that is 10 feet tall or 60 feet tall, it is up to you!  No matter where you display your custom inflatable replica, people will love stopping and taking pictures with the larger-than-life inflatable.

IDG has worked has created inflatable replicas for large companies like Coca-Cola and small local craft breweries like Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut.  Our team is experienced and can work with any size budget to create a highly detailed, durable inflatable replica.

IDG uses the highest-quality materials in the industry so that your inflatable replica will last for years.  Inflatable bottles, cans, and cups are easy to set up and pack up into small packages, making them perfect to take on the road to any event your company may attend.

IDG’s talented team uses state-of-the-art 3D programming to replicate your product and create a highly detailed inflatable replica that will exceed your expectations.

Get started on your inflatable product replica today by contacting our team at